Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sleeping Beauties


I love watching our little beauties sleep...they look like beautiful angels!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Big Brothers

We were released from the hospital late last Friday afternoon.  Since the boys were already with Gramaw & Papaw we asked if they could stay one more night, because we knew our first night home with two newborns would be quite the adjustment.  

When Karter and Kaden came home Saturday morning, everything started to fall into place and our family felt whole again.  Kristoffer and I both had this feeling of completion and pure joy in our hearts when all six of us were back together!  The boys were happy to be home too, and got right to work in their new "big brother" roles.  They were both very interested in the babies and had to check them out all day.  Kaden was especially worried about the bandages on their heels (from blood tests in the hospital) and their umbilical cord stumps.  To this day, at every diaper change Kaden says, "let's see if the green thing is still on her tummy".

Karter is an excellent helper and is really good at feeding Kassie!

In typical Kaden fashion, he is done after a few seconds!

Such a proud brother!!


We have a diapering system down and each boy has their role...throwing away diapers, getting new diapers and pulling out the wipes.  Of course, not before we comment on how cute their little legs are and Karter smooches their feet a hundred times!

Our two precious little girls have quickly gotten all three men in our house wrapped around their tiny little fingers!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Cup Runneth Over

God has blessed our family beyond belief, and maybe (just maybe) it is all the hormones running through my body but every time I see all four of our little blessings together it makes me cry...a good, happy cry!!  Especially when Kaden says, "I have to mooch them mommy, if I don't they will cry!!"  So much love in our family :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Room Invasion

Wow...a lot has changed around our house in the past week!!  Finding down time has been really rare, and while we were in the hospital blogger was blocked and we couldn't access our blog.  I am hoping we will find sometime this weekend to update you all on Kassandra and Kelsey's birth really was a magical time and I want Kristoffer to share it with you from his perspective!!

Our beautiful little ladies have made their presence known around our house!  Not only with the bouncy seats, car seats and swing in the living room, but they have also invaded our bedroom!  While I recover from surgery, going up and down the stairs multiple times a night would not be we have moved the girls and their changing table into our room...

It's not so bad being so close to this sweet girl!!

Or this one!!

Their cuteness gets me every morning :)

Interesting setup, but it is working for us!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Karter's 1st Performance

This past Sunday the church that Karter's school is in, invited his class and the 3 year old class to sing a couple of songs.  Although we had to miss a Sunday at our home church, I am glad that we were able to watch him and his friends perform.  He LOVED being on stage!!  He is the little cutie pie in the front row on the far left....

Monday, October 1, 2012

So Long September

September has seemed to fly by and here we are in October already!  Here is a look back at some of the fun things our family did in September...

Kristoffer works every Saturday, so it is very rare that we get a full weekend with him.  However, with the first weekend in September being Labor Day weekend, we were able to have him home for THREE whole days!!  He made himself a little list of projects that he wanted to get done, and I am very thankful he squeezed in one project I had for hang all the nursery decorations!!

My very talented Grandma Ellen made these beautiful curtains based on something I had in my mind...I'm so glad she was able to help my vision come together!

My nursery design was based on these super cute sheets I found at Pottery Barn.  Grandma made the crib skirt...again from a drawing I came up with.

I'm sure the girls are going to love their new nursery....just 9 more days!!!


On our bonus weekend day with Kristoffer, he decided we should do something fun for the boys.  We surprised them by taking them to Chuck E. Cheese's!

We got there as soon as it opened, and for $30 we were able to have pizza, drinks and 50 tokens (each game was only 1 token!).  We had plenty of tokens!

The games were divided into more toddler games and then older kids games, and of course our boys gravitated towards the cars first!

This was one of our favorite games and we played it several times....mainly because the boys could get lots of tickets!  Karter quickly figured out which games gave tickets and which ones didn't!

Fun outing with all my boys!!

Before we left, Chuck E. himself made an appearance and the boys got to sing B-I-N-G-O with him!


 Karter surprised us all at the end of August/beginning of September  by showing a strong interest in reading...and doing awesome at it.  As in genuine reading, not just memorization!  His first book read front to back was Hop on Pop!!


Karter also surprised us by eating lettuce...without us asking either!

One day while I was making dinner I turned around to him munching on a giant piece of lettuce...and liking it!!  He now asks for it and enjoys salads!


With Karter in school two mornings a week, I have gotten to have a lot of one-on-one time with Kado.  I can't remember a time that it has just been Kaden and I, and I have loved every minute of our time together! He is so loving and says/does some of the sweetest things...he is always making me laugh.  Like one morning he said he was hungry so I told him to go to the pantry and pick out a snack.  He came running back with his favorite cereal, Frosted Mini-Wheat, and ate two big bowls!!  He loves his cereal!


"Look mommy, I just like you!!"

Karter is my helper boy, and he takes great pride in his job.  I haven't had to hang up a single shirt in the last month or so!



The men in my house are very happy it is football season again!


After a fun family weekend, Daddy gave the boys a special cream sundaes!!  I think it was actually daddy's way to occupy the boys so he could watch a little Football Night in America!


Books!  Our lives and rooms are always filled with books!!  Kaden likes to "read" every book on the shelf...if only he could learn to put them all back!

As much fun as we had in September, I'm sure October is going to top it....ya know, we are welcoming TWO new babies into our home!!!