Thursday, June 30, 2011

Playing Outside

We've been enjoying a lot of time outside these days. The boys and I always try to do something outside during the day, but in the evenings is sometimes when we have the most fun. Every night after dinner we head outside for either a bike ride or just some fun in the backyard.

One day last week we ate outside and then went straight to the swing set to play!

Of course, the boys don't like to use the stairs to get to the top of the slide, they both insist on climbing up the slide instead. (I thought this would be an issue when other people come over to play, but Karter is a good rule follower and used the stairs when we had other kids here last weekend. Kaden on the other hand...he doesn't quite follow the rules, even though Karter tries to enforce them!)

Yes, his pants are on backwards! It is all just part of trying to teach him to be a big boy and put his pants back on after a potty break.


Kaden was happy when Karter went to play baseball with Daddy and he could have the slide to himself. When he first started doing this by himself it scared me to death to watch my baby climb up like a big boy. But now, he is really, really good at it so I don't worry so much.

He's pretty good at swinging his legs around until he finds the slide.

LOVE those chubba-wubba's!!!

Why yes, that is a trail of drool he left behind!!

One of Kristoffer's goals for the summer is to teach Karter how to swing a bat. He has the steps down, and is starting to put it all together.

Just a random shot of the babe!

I always get concerned when Kado comes at me like this, but thankfully he just had a wiffle ball this time! A few weeks ago he had a bocce ball, that was a different story...

Karter doesn't hit the ball as often as he would like, he always insists on playing "pitch" instead!

And Daddy doesn't mind showing off his skills either!!

We are loving our summer days....and nights!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Talk with Santa

Before Christmas this year, I am going to have a little talk with Santa. I don't think he understands that with two little boys running around, our house has enough noise...we don't need to add super noisy/annoying toys into the mix too.

Kaden got this little lawn mower from Santa last year, and until recently it has sat unused in the computer/toy room. He discovered it last week, and now he loves to walk around with it. He just laughs as he walks, because he knows how loud the popping balls are in it.

The elves must have played with this toy before it was delivered, because (thankfully) the additional noises that it is suppose to make don't work.

(Yes, Kaden's shirt is covered in drool...that's just how he rolls!)

As loud as it is, I really love watching this little boy have some fun. Anything that can make my baby this happy, can't be that bad! Although, I am still going to have a talk with Santa this year!

That's all! Happy Monday!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Karter's Pictures of the Week

Taking a picture of Mommy taking a picture.

Gramaw and Papaw in their cabin.

Beautiful lilies blooming by the rec room.

For this one, he told me he was taking a picture of the apples on the trees...I think they are in the bottom right corner.

Karter loves taking pictures, but sometimes I don't think that he knows he is taking them. We end up with a lot of these...

The ground up at the cabin.

His shirt.

We have A LOT of the couch!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

#1 Dad

2 amazing boys with 1 fantastic daddy!

Kristoffer is such a great daddy to our boys, and this weekend we had a great time celebrating him...and dad's everywhere.

We spent Saturday afternoon around the house. Everyone else was out for the day, so it was just the four of us spending some time relaxing after the past few busy, busy weeks.

Karter woke up from his nap a little early and wanted to go outside and help daddy mow. I wasn't sure how he would do, but he helped mow the entire back yard.

To say that he enjoyed himself would be an understatement...especially when he was chasing mommy with the mower!!

Happy Father's Day to my loving husband, and the best dad to our boys I could have ever asked for!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Karter!

It seems like just yesterday we were welcoming our first baby into the world and in the blink of an eye our baby boy has just turned 3!!! Even from his first days, Karter has always been a sweet, happy, loving little guy. What a blessing he is to our family!

Our boy isn't a baby anymore, he has grown into a very handsome 3 year old. He had his 3 year physical this week and his stats are full of threes...3 feet 3 inches tall (90th percentile) and 33 1/2 pounds (65th percentile). This was Karter's first appointment with Dr. Richmond, and she was very impressed with his vocabulary and counting abilities. She said he is above that of a normal three year old!

Karter and I have a little tradition, every year on his birthday we go out to lunch at Applebee's. It started out when he turned one and it was the only restaurant in Hastings, and last year he chose it himself...and this year he picked it again. So I guess it is a tradition!

This year we invited Aunt Emmy and Gramaw to come along for our celebration!

And of course Kado was there too!!

Tonight we celebrated with a dinner at home just the 6 of us (well, Papaw was late, but he got home in time for brownies!)!

Karter had a little issue this morning swallowing the fact that he was getting older, we had a little disagreement and he insisted "but I really liked being 2!" By the end of the day he finally came to terms with getting older. He did wake up knowing he got to eat off the red plate today...I guess he remembered that from last month when it was Gramaw's birthday. (He has an AMAZING memory!!)

Just like Daddy, Karter gets spaghetti for his birthday dinner!


Since we already had his party, I just made him a little pan of brownies for tonight. He insisted on putting his own candles on!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011