Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Karter's 3rd Birthday Party - Part II

My planning for every party starts with how I can make the theme into cakes and cookies, and of course for Karterman I had to transform key aspects of the Wonder Pets show into something edible. The top of the cake tower has the Wonder Pets logo and the cupcakes are wrapped in coordinating wrappers...with Linny, Tuck and Ming-Ming hanging around in the cupcakes.

For the cookies, I made the logo...


...and fly boats.

Of course, if you haven't seen the show this means nothing to you, but I am very pleased with how the turned out.

All week Karter was thanking me for all the "beautiful things" I had made for his party. So when it was finally time to dive into some of them, he couldn't take his eyes off the cake!

He kept a close eye on Daddy as he put the candles on top of the cake.

I loved being the center of attention and was eating it up as we sang to him...and then gave a big blow and blew the candles out.

"I want a CUPCAKE!!"

"Can I have my cupcake yet?!"

"Ah, that's more like it!"

Jonah was also pretty excited about having a cupcake.

And of course, if food of any kind is involved, Kaden is not going to be left out!

After we all filled our bellies with cake, cookies, fresh strawberries and homemade ice cream, the adults started to act a little silly...

Uncle Jake was having a good time playing with Karter's new view finder.

Papaw Kenny was acting silly putting things on his head!

Uncle Jake takes his role as Godfather very seriously, and looked through Karter's new Bible to make sure it was suitable for him.

Aunt Emmy and Uncle Zach enjoyed taking pictures of themselves with Karter's camera.

And while Gramaw Vicky had all of the boys outside, Uncle Jake and Gramaw couldn't wait to put together Karter's new puzzle.

Karter's party was a great afternoon spent with our family celebrating our favorite (almost) three year old!! It is hard to believe our little boy will be three in 2 days!!!

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Gramaw T said...

Ha! Ha! I didn't realize we had so many photos of the adults acting silly! How come you aren't included???