Monday, June 27, 2011

A Talk with Santa

Before Christmas this year, I am going to have a little talk with Santa. I don't think he understands that with two little boys running around, our house has enough noise...we don't need to add super noisy/annoying toys into the mix too.

Kaden got this little lawn mower from Santa last year, and until recently it has sat unused in the computer/toy room. He discovered it last week, and now he loves to walk around with it. He just laughs as he walks, because he knows how loud the popping balls are in it.

The elves must have played with this toy before it was delivered, because (thankfully) the additional noises that it is suppose to make don't work.

(Yes, Kaden's shirt is covered in drool...that's just how he rolls!)

As loud as it is, I really love watching this little boy have some fun. Anything that can make my baby this happy, can't be that bad! Although, I am still going to have a talk with Santa this year!

That's all! Happy Monday!!

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Gramaw T said...

What cute smiles!!! Oh...and tell Santa no more ball-poppers either...or Alphies....or drum sets (oops...I think we may have done that one!)...