Monday, June 13, 2011

Karter's 3rd Birthday Party - Part I

Karter's doesn't actually turn three until this Thursday, however we had a Wonder Pets birthday party for him this past Saturday.

Just in case you are like most of those who attended our little celebration and don't know who the Wonder Pets are...these are the Wonder Pets...Ming-Ming, Linny and Tuck.

It was a beautiful day, but a bit hot outside to have a cake sitting out.... we set up Karter's cake/cupcakes and cookies (of course!!) inside...

...and the rest of the food was set up outside, and we were ready for the party to start!

Sweet Baby!!

I can see a lot of backyard BBQ's in our future. We have always wanted a deck and now we have the perfect set-up!!

Grill Master Daddy!!

After dinner we headed back inside so Karter could open his gifts and then have cake & homemade ice cream.

Let the fun begin!

Papaw Kenny picked out a fishing pole for Karter.

For each present, Karter would find the card, open it, hand it to me to read, and then move on to ripping in to the wrapping!

Sweet Olivia, was clearly excited to help her big cousin celebrate his birthday!

Karter likes to pretend that he is a photographer and take pictures of everything (I have no idea where he gets the idea of taking pictures...haha), so Kristoffer and I got him his own digital camera. I just love the expression on his face!!

Kristoffer and I got Karter his own camping chair.

Karter has hit the age where he really understands what birthday parties are all about. All through dinner he was asking if it was time to open presents and got really into opening them and then thanking each person for their gift.

Testing out Karter's new chair!

Kaden didn't want to be left out of the present opening fun.

Gramaw and Papaw got Karter a view finder, and watching him look into for the first time was priceless! He put it up to his eyes and then reached in front of his face to try and touch cute!

Kaden was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to steal Karter's new toy away!!

Check back tomorrow for Part II of Karter's party...

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Gramaw T said...

You put on a great party!!!