Monday, October 27, 2008


Jonah is passed out, originally uploaded by minnesotagrays.

This past weekend we went to visit Dana's brother, Jake, and his wife and son. It was a great trip of relxing, playing games, cousin love and exploring their great neighborhood! We love spending time with our family. It was also fun to see how our nephew, Jonah, is growing. He almost 11 months already and is always on the move! Karter loved watching Jonah move and it made him want to try too. We had a really fun time, as you can see.

Thanks for a great weekend Tomaw's!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Karter's First Babysitter - Martha Davis

For the past four weeks, Karter has had a babysitter on Monday nights. While Mommy and Daddy are at bible study at church, Karter goes down to the nursery.

Martha Davis, one of the members of our youth group, watches, feeds, and plays with Karter for about two hours. As you can see from the photo above, Karter has gotten to really like spending time with Martha - and the feeling looks to be mutual!

While it was very difficult for Mommy to have someone else watch Karter for a few hours, Martha has been a fantastic help for us...and we couldn't thank her enough!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Letter from Karter

Dear Jonah,

My mommy told me today that we are going to Chicago to visit you tomorrow. I'm not sure where Chicago is, but I am so excited to see you that I didn't nap much today. I am too excited to sleep!! Mommy and Daddy hope that I sleep most of the drive tomorrow though.

Mommy told me a story of the time you came to my house after I was born. She said that you wanted to eat me and then showed me this picture....

I'm bigger now - so look out, Mr. Tomaw! The Karterman is coming to get you!!

That's right, I'll be in Chicago this weekend with Mommy and Daddy - taking in the big city living. I might miss Minnesota and my puppy dog Rascal, but we will have fun, won't we, Jonah?


Your Cousin - Karter

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Karter's First Meal

IMG_4360, originally uploaded by minnesotagrays.

On Sunday, Karter had his first meal that was not all from Mommy! He had his first bowl of rice cereal - mixed with breastmilk. We were ready to feed him four tablespoons, and he ate two of them!

It was quite an experience - Dad taking photos and videotaping, while Mom was feeding and keeping Karter interested. He kept wanting to grab the spoon as you can see from Sunday night's post of the video.

This has now become one of Karter's nightly rituals. He sits down and plays in his highchair while Mommy and Daddy eat. Then Mommy (and Daddy - sometimes) feeds him his rice cereal - just before getting a bath and a full bottle before bed.

HERE are the pictures we took of the big day! We have his routine down!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy 4 Month Birthday Karter!

IMG_4308, originally uploaded by minnesotagrays.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rascal wants to play too....

Playing with Dad

In the past few weeks we have had a few guests, and they all came with gifts for Karter! Grandma Terry brought him an IU football and our friend, Cliff, gave Karter 3 Indianapolis Speedway balls. Everyday we play ball with Karter, and he gets excited when he sees the ball. He is still working on his hand-eye coordination, and sometimes gets mad at himself when he can't get the ball in his mouth.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Growing Boy!

IMG_4253, originally uploaded by minnesotagrays.

Today was Karter's 4 month check-up. He weighed 15 lbs 10 oz (73rd percentile) and was 26.5 inches long (95th percentile). He is getting so big!! Unfortunately, he also had to get 3 shots and 1 oral vacine. The shots have made him very grumpy and sleepy all day. Also new this week, Karter has discovered he has feet! His feet haven't quite made it into his mouth yet, but he loves to hold onto them.

We want to wish our friend, Jessica, good luck in the Chicago Marathon this weekend. GO JESS!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday!

To my husband on his birthday....

Happy 26th Birthday, Kristoffer. I hope that you have a great day at work. Karter and I will be making your Jelly Cake all day today. I pray that it turns out good, and would make your Grandma Peggy proud. Your birthday celebration will begin with dinner at 6:30pm, of course we are having spaghetti...your favorite!! Your dinner will be served on our "Special Day" plate. I will take your picture with the plate, and hopefully you will feel better than I did the last time I ate off the plate! After dinner you will get showered with gifts....ok I really only have one gift, but it is a fantastic gift!! Our son is now waking up and demanding food. Have a great day...I Love You!!

Your Wife