Friday, February 26, 2010

Smarty Pants

We are always amazed and so proud of how much Karter learns each day. He is a very smart little fella and knows his colors, alphabet and how to count to 10. Here are a couple of videos of him identifying things (sorry, they are both pretty long)....enjoy!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Guard Dog

Before Karter was born, Rascal was the center of attention around here. He adjusted very quickly to having baby Karter around and became his protector. In those early days Rascal was always laying next to the baby and one time growled at my mom when she came into the same room as Karter and I. We are so thankful that Rasc is such a gentle dog and hasn't ever done anything to intentionally hurt Karter...because now most of the time Rascal is the one who needs protection from Karter! When we brought Kaden home from the hospital, his guard dog instinct took over again. Anytime Kaden is on the floor Rascal is right there to watch over him!

He's always on duty...even when the baby isn't even around!

Rascal is a good dog and puts up with a lot...especially from the mischievous looking little boy in the middle!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Kaden's First Doctor's Appointment

On Friday we took Kaden to his first doctor's appointment. Kristoffer left work early so he could help me out with this adventure. Dr. McKenzie was excited to see Kaden and couldn't get over how perfect he looked! She kept saying that he didn't look like a 2 week old at all...I guess that is a good thing, I just don't want my baby to grow too quickly! He is healthy and growing like a weed, here are his stats....
  • Weight = 9lbs 6.5oz - Almost a pound more than his birth weight! He's in the 63rd percentile.
  • Length = 24 inches - He's grown 1.25 inches since birth. In the 86th percentile.
  • Head Circumference = 15.5 inches - 89th percentile

Friday, February 19, 2010

Basketball Star

For Christmas Karter got a basketball goal from his Great Grandpa Kenny. Even though we live in the Frozen Tundra, we are all still Hoosiers at heart and have hopes of Karter being a basketball star rather than a hockey star! (Although, he can do anything he wants and we will support him!!) Two of the videos are from Christmas morning right after Daddy put it together and the other is from last month. He really likes it when the whole house cheers for him...Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Boys

I posted last week about how much Karter loves Kaden, and well I just can't help but post about it again! This is the scene every morning when Karter wakes up. When I walk into his room he instantly asks for the baby and then runs upstairs saying stool the whole time. He grabs his stool and goes to check on Kaden. Most of the time, after he sees that he is asleep, he will hold his finger up to his mouth and "sshh" me!

As soon as Kaden wakes up, Karter runs to the living room and sits in the chair holding his arms out wanting to hold Kaden. I am so proud of Karter, he is such a big boy and is really enjoying being a big brother!

Karter also likes to insist that I video tape him while he is holding Kaden (he never forgets if you do something once), but most of the time he is too anxious to see the video to actually let me get anything recorded. I probably have about 15 videos that are about 2 seconds long and not very good...these are the best two I have.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Day of Firsts

Yesterday was a big day for our family...we actually left the house! Since coming home from the hospital, we haven't left the house very much. Of course Kristoffer leaves daily for work, but I am still not suppose to lift more than 10lbs, which pretty much makes me housebound during the week. Not only did we leave the house, the day was also filled with a lot of firsts for both of the boys. It was Kaden 1st time going to church, and he was perfect, sleeping through the whole service!
After church we went into Hastings to have some lunch, and Karter sat in a booster seat for the first time. He did really well and only got restless a few times!
Of course the whole eating out thing was Kaden's first restaurant visit! As you can see he really enjoyed himself...again sleeping through the whole thing! One of the main reasons we went to Hastings was because we needed to get some groceries. Kaden woke up hungry just as we were pulling in, so Daddy and Karter went shopping while I fed Kaden. All in all we were very proud of ourselves for surviving our first outings with two kids. We were even still early to church!!

In the evenings while I am giving Kaden a bath, Kristoffer has been working on teaching Karter to pick up all of his toys before his bath. I don't have any evidence of it, but yesterday was the first time that Karter picked up and put away all of his books by himself!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

John Deere Green

When Karter isn't busy counting, resiting his ABC's or reading books...he is really into trucks and tractors. For Christmas Grandma Vicky gave him this little riding tractor and he was really into it from the first time he saw it.

As you can tell by this little face, most of the time when he is riding it he is up to no good! He loves to chase around Rascal or try to run over Daddy. Luckily for all of us, so far he is refraining from running his baby brother over...I try to keep him on higher ground when the tractor is out!

These videos are from last month, but they demonstrate Karterman's mischievous side perfectly!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kaden's First Bath at Home

The night we got home from the hospital last week, we gave Kaden his first bath at home after Karter had gone to bed. Karter loves his baths now, but even he hated his first few weeks of bath time. It must be something about having to be in the little hammock thing that makes them hate it so much!

Kaden didn't scream the entire time, he did eventually calm down a little and enjoy soaking in the warm water.

He held on to my finger pretty much to whole time, but occasionally he would chose to suck on it. (Check out how tan he is compared to my finger!)

Even when he's all fussed up he is super cute!!

He was much happier when he was all snuggled up in his towel.

Peaceful! After his first bath all he needed was a nice meal and a good nights sleep!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Brotherly Love

From the moment that Karter met his baby brother, he was in love!
When we came home from the hospital, Karter couldn't wait to hold Kaden. Multiple times throughout the day he will climb up into the chair and hold his arms out wanting to hold the baby.

He really does love his brother. As soon as he wakes up he asks for "baby" and then runs to where ever Kaden is to...

...smooch him!

Karter also tries to entertain Kaden throughout the day...whether it is doing a little dance for him...

...laying down next to him waiting to read a book...
...playing on the activity mat with him...

...or pushing him in the swing. No matter what Kaden is doing, Karter is sure to be close by watching him and making sure he is ok!

Karter sure does love his baby brother...and I hope that this bond continues to grow through the years!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Kaden's Homecoming

Last Wednesday we were all getting a little bored of hanging around our hospital room, and Dr. TT said if I was feeling up to it we could leave a day early.

Compared to how I had been feeling, on Wednesday I was feeling a lot better and we couldn't wait to get this cute little guy home.

We were all set to go after we signed all the discharge papers and they called my prescriptions in. (I think someone in this picture needs to get some sun!! It is sad when our 2 day old is more tan than his mama!)

Before we could head out, Daddy had a little fight with the car seat...but luckily he won!

Kaden is just like his older brother used to be, he didn't like being put into his car seat but once he was strapped in he was out!

Daddy was proud to carry Kaden inside for the first time! Of course, Rascal was at the door eager to give our new family member a good sniff!
Gramaw Terry made us dinner, and I got to enjoy it on our "Special Day" plate. I think this homecoming dinner went a little bit better than the last time.

After dinner we all toasted to baby Kaden and our growing family....

...but don't worry, we celebrated with sparkling grape juice.

We are still getting used to our new schedule, but it feels great to be home with all my boys!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Karter Holding Kaden at Home

We are back home...

Dana will post about the entire birthing process tomorrow, but we were able to come home this afternoon. Karter and Rascal are excited to have us back, and we were SO THANKFUL that Grandmaw Terry was able to help us out.

Karter is excited about being a big brother, but not enough to actually hold Kaden. Here's a video of his first try at home.

Hospital Room Tour Video

A quick tour of our hospital room from last night...enjoy!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day Two

Kaden's life is now almost to somewhat of a routine during Day Two. It pretty much goes: cry, eat, poop, cry alot (diaper change), sleep, eat, sleep - then repeat. :-)

He did get his circumcision today around noon - which did cause more crying than normal, but other than that, things are great today. His head is healing up from the vacuum used during the push part of delivery - as you can see from the picture below.

Dana is up and walking, and she took a shower and brushed her teeth today for the first time since Sunday morning! We are all about progress... Barring anything drastic, we should be going home tomorrow afternoon/evening - a day ahead of schedule - because Dana is recovering so quickly. I always knew that I picked a good one!

Here are some pictures from today - with big brother Karter and Gramaw Terry.