Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Boys

I posted last week about how much Karter loves Kaden, and well I just can't help but post about it again! This is the scene every morning when Karter wakes up. When I walk into his room he instantly asks for the baby and then runs upstairs saying stool the whole time. He grabs his stool and goes to check on Kaden. Most of the time, after he sees that he is asleep, he will hold his finger up to his mouth and "sshh" me!

As soon as Kaden wakes up, Karter runs to the living room and sits in the chair holding his arms out wanting to hold Kaden. I am so proud of Karter, he is such a big boy and is really enjoying being a big brother!

Karter also likes to insist that I video tape him while he is holding Kaden (he never forgets if you do something once), but most of the time he is too anxious to see the video to actually let me get anything recorded. I probably have about 15 videos that are about 2 seconds long and not very good...these are the best two I have.


Kyler said...

Pretty sure I never got the same love and affection from Kamaron...or Kristoffer for that matter.

Gramaw T said...

What a lucky boy Kaden is to have Karter for his big brother! Too CUTE!!!