Monday, February 22, 2010

Kaden's First Doctor's Appointment

On Friday we took Kaden to his first doctor's appointment. Kristoffer left work early so he could help me out with this adventure. Dr. McKenzie was excited to see Kaden and couldn't get over how perfect he looked! She kept saying that he didn't look like a 2 week old at all...I guess that is a good thing, I just don't want my baby to grow too quickly! He is healthy and growing like a weed, here are his stats....
  • Weight = 9lbs 6.5oz - Almost a pound more than his birth weight! He's in the 63rd percentile.
  • Length = 24 inches - He's grown 1.25 inches since birth. In the 86th percentile.
  • Head Circumference = 15.5 inches - 89th percentile


Mom said...

He's as perfect as can be...just needs Grandma's hugs! They'll both be grown up before you know so hold them as often as possible.

Anique said...

What a healthy boy...keep it up! ;)