Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Guard Dog

Before Karter was born, Rascal was the center of attention around here. He adjusted very quickly to having baby Karter around and became his protector. In those early days Rascal was always laying next to the baby and one time growled at my mom when she came into the same room as Karter and I. We are so thankful that Rasc is such a gentle dog and hasn't ever done anything to intentionally hurt Karter...because now most of the time Rascal is the one who needs protection from Karter! When we brought Kaden home from the hospital, his guard dog instinct took over again. Anytime Kaden is on the floor Rascal is right there to watch over him!

He's always on duty...even when the baby isn't even around!

Rascal is a good dog and puts up with a lot...especially from the mischievous looking little boy in the middle!!


Grandma Vicky said...

Poor Rascal. He may be sorry he was so patient with those two some day! Glad he's there to protect you all.

Kara said...

What a precious mischevious looking boy in the middle though! Glad to see all your boys are doing well.

Emily said...

Karterman is too cute in this picture. He doesn't look like he is being very patient though! Love all the posts and pictures.

Anique said...

Rascal is such a wise grandpa dog isn't he?! I love all the fun pictures...and of course Karter is hysterical in that photo. I think that's the tough guy face guys make in their sports photos. He's already got it down ;)