Monday, February 8, 2010

Kaden's Homecoming

Last Wednesday we were all getting a little bored of hanging around our hospital room, and Dr. TT said if I was feeling up to it we could leave a day early.

Compared to how I had been feeling, on Wednesday I was feeling a lot better and we couldn't wait to get this cute little guy home.

We were all set to go after we signed all the discharge papers and they called my prescriptions in. (I think someone in this picture needs to get some sun!! It is sad when our 2 day old is more tan than his mama!)

Before we could head out, Daddy had a little fight with the car seat...but luckily he won!

Kaden is just like his older brother used to be, he didn't like being put into his car seat but once he was strapped in he was out!

Daddy was proud to carry Kaden inside for the first time! Of course, Rascal was at the door eager to give our new family member a good sniff!
Gramaw Terry made us dinner, and I got to enjoy it on our "Special Day" plate. I think this homecoming dinner went a little bit better than the last time.

After dinner we all toasted to baby Kaden and our growing family....

...but don't worry, we celebrated with sparkling grape juice.

We are still getting used to our new schedule, but it feels great to be home with all my boys!


Anonymous said...

So were you complaining about the food and company on your last "homecoming" or simply that you felt much better?;-)

Love ya,

Kristoffer and Dana said...

Just that I felt SO much better!!

Kyler said...

I hope everything is starting to settle down a little bit. I am glad to see your expression improved on "Special Plate Day"!