Monday, November 28, 2011

My Karterman

Karter is such a sweet, loving little boy. Everyday he says something that just melts my heart and makes me so happy/blessed to be his mommy. In preparation for Thanksgiving, last week at BSF they had the kids write what they are most thankful for. Of course, Karter can't really write yet, so they just wrote what he said. His teacher said that he insisted that she write what he his most thankful for (me!) in purple, since it is my favorite color! Sweet boy!

We have a bucket of letters, and whenever we get them out, this is what our living room looks like. The boys have fun getting them out, but rarely want to make any words with them.

Last week I got them out for Karter while I was doing something else (probably making cookies or something). He called me in to see what word he made, and was pretty proud to she me his name!

After he was tired of letters he came in to draw, and for the first time I actually knew what he had drawn! Our little Karterman is getting so big!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

He's Back!

Today is the first day in nearly a week and a half that our sweet Kaden is back! (Which can be translated to, this is the first day in nearly a week and a half that he hasn't been attached to me!) After a pretty rough weekend of not being able to breath or sleep, I took Kaden to the doctor on Tuesday just to make sure that he was ok. Good thing I did...poor baby had a double ear infection!! On top of that, they were concerned that he may have had pneumonia with all of the difficulty he had breathing. Thankfully they didn't hear anything in his lungs that would have indicated that! So now after a few days of his antibiotic and sleeping with a humidifier in his room, our sweet, happy baby is back!! Praise God!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cookie Orders

Besides being a great place to waste time, facebook is also a wonderful place to spread the word about my little cookie "business". This past weekend I had two orders from people I hadn't seen in awhile, but saw my creations on fb. The first order was for a baby shower for a fellow NV grad.

She contacted me through fb and placed an order for 50 cookies for her sisters baby shower.

I love making girly things!

Thanks Amaria!!

The second order this weekend was for my sister in-law, Joscelynn's cousin, Rachel. Rachel was throwing a baby shower for a friend and asked me to make cookies, cupcakes and a cake....all pretzel shaped.

Her friend and her husband are not finding out the sex of their baby, so the just call it their little pretzel!

Mmmm...these cupcakes! I'm not a big fan of cake and actually I rarely eat any of my cookies either, but their is just something about red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting that has sucked me in! I LOVED the little fondant pretzels I made to go on top!

This cake was a big one! I started out with a 16 inch cake and carved it down to the shape of a pretzel and then covered it with homemade marshmallow fondant.

The whole collection! I really liked how they all turned out! Thank you Rachel, it was so fun!

And not to be left out...
...the boys are BIG fans of cream cheese frosting! :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sick Babe

Our baby boy has been sick this week. It is so tough to see Kaden not acting like himself, but on the upside, we are getting a lot of baby snuggles this week! :) Please say a prayer for our little man.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's In My Blood

Growing up, my brother and rarely had store bought clothes until we reached junior high. Looking back, its pretty cool that we had one of a kind pieces made by Grandma and Mom. But of course, at the time we (at least I did) thought we were pretty lame. Now, I'm so glad that I was raised around such crafty women. We spent many summers and Christmas breaks playing around on Grandma's sewing machines, making our own master pieces. I will never forget the time she helped me make my Barbie's a quilt to match the one she just made for me!

Last month I braved the pile of our stuff in the rec room and found my sewing machine (passed down from Grandma) and started marking some things off my to-do list.

After reading my manual (I really should have payed more attention when Grandma used to show me how to thread the needle), I was ready to try to make my own headband. I have been seeing a lot of cute headbands in the blog world, but really hated to pay so much for something I could make for about $1. I took a picture of me modeling the finished product, but 1.) my hair style has changed since then and 2.) Kristoffer said it looks a little creepy!

My second project was making Karter and Kaden's Halloween costumes. Kaden makes a pretty good baby model!

Karter loved watching his costume come together, and loved the fact that his vest had gold trim, just like Jake!

My third project was some burp clothes for some pregnant ladies at church. When I was first pregnant with Karter and people would give me burp clothes I thought they were pretty silly. Then I had him and milk was coming from everywhere (him and me...sorry TMI) and fleece receiving blankets were the best thing to catch the mess....other fabrics weren't absorbent enough to be efficient! So I knew what I wanted to make for our pregnant friends, fleece burp clothes. I made the pattern out of an old grocery bag and got busy.

One set is for a couple who doesn't know what they are having yet.

And another set for a couple who just had a beautiful baby girl!

I just made three, but let's face it...I probably could have made sets of 10 by how quickly babies go through these things!

Sorry to bore you with a post that didn't have too many pictures of my cuties, but I had to share some of my sewing's in my blood!!