Monday, November 28, 2011

My Karterman

Karter is such a sweet, loving little boy. Everyday he says something that just melts my heart and makes me so happy/blessed to be his mommy. In preparation for Thanksgiving, last week at BSF they had the kids write what they are most thankful for. Of course, Karter can't really write yet, so they just wrote what he said. His teacher said that he insisted that she write what he his most thankful for (me!) in purple, since it is my favorite color! Sweet boy!

We have a bucket of letters, and whenever we get them out, this is what our living room looks like. The boys have fun getting them out, but rarely want to make any words with them.

Last week I got them out for Karter while I was doing something else (probably making cookies or something). He called me in to see what word he made, and was pretty proud to she me his name!

After he was tired of letters he came in to draw, and for the first time I actually knew what he had drawn! Our little Karterman is getting so big!!


Gramaw T said...

He's a keeper!!!

Kara said...

Aww he is getting big! And what a smart guy too! Thanks for sharing him this weekend!