Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Big Brothers

We were released from the hospital late last Friday afternoon.  Since the boys were already with Gramaw & Papaw we asked if they could stay one more night, because we knew our first night home with two newborns would be quite the adjustment.  

When Karter and Kaden came home Saturday morning, everything started to fall into place and our family felt whole again.  Kristoffer and I both had this feeling of completion and pure joy in our hearts when all six of us were back together!  The boys were happy to be home too, and got right to work in their new "big brother" roles.  They were both very interested in the babies and had to check them out all day.  Kaden was especially worried about the bandages on their heels (from blood tests in the hospital) and their umbilical cord stumps.  To this day, at every diaper change Kaden says, "let's see if the green thing is still on her tummy".

Karter is an excellent helper and is really good at feeding Kassie!

In typical Kaden fashion, he is done after a few seconds!

Such a proud brother!!


We have a diapering system down and each boy has their role...throwing away diapers, getting new diapers and pulling out the wipes.  Of course, not before we comment on how cute their little legs are and Karter smooches their feet a hundred times!

Our two precious little girls have quickly gotten all three men in our house wrapped around their tiny little fingers!!

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Anique and Kamaron said...

This is so PRECIOUS! Those sweet little girls are so lucky to have such good big brothers :)