Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas with The Miller's

The Sunday after Christmas, we loaded up the van (and Tracker) and headed to the other side of the state to spend sometime with my Mom. We worshiped at my hometown church in Perrysville, and then went back to Mom's where Jake, Jos and family met up with us.

Karter and Jonah had a great time passing out the gifts.

And tearing into them!

Grandma Vicky had given Jonah his birthday present right before we opened Christmas gifts, and he was pretty content with the train he got. Grandma convinced him to open his gifts, with her help.

Again, Kaden showed little interest in opening his own gifts, just playing in the wrapping paper!

After the older boys had opened all their gifts, it was baby Olivia's turn. Karter and Jonah were very eager to "help" her open her gifts too!

Joscelynn won the family "Quick Tater" prize!

Kristoffer was very pleased with his electric razor.

This year we all went in together and got mom a Kindle. She was very surprised and happy with her gift...she acted like a little kid, and couldn't wait to get it out of the box to play with!

We spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get the kids to nap, because we were all so exhausted. All of them, except for Jonah, napped, but of course not at the same time! I didn't mind hanging out with my beautiful niece!

Poor Olivia was bullied by Kaden most of the day. He kept sticking his fingers in her mouth and eyes, she tolerated most of it pretty well...

...until he tried to kiss/eat her!

I love these two so much!!

That evening we went over to my grandparents house for dinner. Grandma made an amazing dinner and we were all so full afterwards! We had a little bit of time before my cousin, Ryan, could make it after work, so Grandma went to the attic and brought down some old books.

Jonah was really starting to feel the effects of not napping!

So was Livi.

Kristoffer wrestled the boys for awhile. I just love Kaden's expression (and hair)!

When Jake was younger, Grandma and Grandpa had gotten him some personalized books, and Jonah and Karter enjoyed having them read to them.

When Ryan got there, Karter quickly took up his role as the Christmas Elf and passed the gifts out.

Sleepy baby!

All of us went in together and got Grandma and Grandpa a new TV...I think they were pretty surprised!
Before we left we changed everyone into their pjs, and when we got back to Mom's, we all went straight to bed!
It was a fun, but exhausting, day spent with our family!

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Terry said...

What a wonderful family time for you all! Looks like it was a Merry Christmas!!!