Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jonah's 4th Birthday

This past Saturday our nephew, Jonah, turned four years old. We love that little guy so much and it is hard to believe he is four already!

While they were in Indiana for Thanksgiving, Jonah's mommy planned a party for him at Pizza King in Indianapolis. The located was picked, because Jonah has a slight obsession with trains and this particular Pizza King delivers your drinks by train (although, we were in the party room and this wasn't the case, the boys still liked watching the train).

A week before the party, Jonah informed his mommy that Aunt Dana was going to make him a blue train cake for his birthday. Not wanting to disappoint my train loving nephew, Aunt Dana got to work on a train cake!

I think he was pleased with the train cake...and the attention he got while we all sang "Happy Birthday" to him!

Cousin Karter was on hand to help blow out the candles!

Jonah really wanted to eat the train...and he did! He ate all of the green decorations off, and maybe one small bite of cake. The train was made of fondant, but wouldn't be all I would want to eat!

After cake it was time to open gifts. Karter was excited to help him open the gift he got for Jonah.

A PEZ dispenser!

(I love this picture!)

Who's more excited!?

Of course, our sweet niece Miss Olivia was on hand to celebrate big brother's birthday!

On Black Friday we got a new video camera and were eager to try it out. Check out our first video on the new camera...us singing to the birthday boy!

Happy Birthday, Jonah! We love you!!

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Kara said...

Oh my gosh. I can't believe how much Olivia looks like her big brother! Glad you had a good time at Pizza King. That's always our first stop when we come home :D