Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My 29th Birthday

Is it lame to post about your own birthday!? If you said yes, then you can stop reading now and miss out on some super cute pics of my boys! And for being my birthday, there is only one picture of me included in the post!

On Saturday, the boys and I took Kristoffer into work and ran some errands until he was finished. We had plans to go to Benihana for lunch, but they didn't open until 12:30, so we made a quick stop at the Keystone mall to kill some time. When we pulled into the parking garage and got Kaden out of his car seat he was soaking wet. We have been potty training him for a couple of months now and does so well that we are brave enough to take him out in public in big boy undies. We Kristoffer had thought to bring a change of pants, ya know, just in case! Well good thing he did! However, we did not bring a different shirt for him, and crazy man managed to get his shirt soaked in the accident too! We decided to put his coat on and buy him a new shirt at the mall. We weren't exactly in a kid friendly portion of the mall and ducked into the first store we saw that sold children's clothes, Hanna Andersson. A super trendy kids store, we tried to find a clearance rack, but couldn't find one. So trying not to look like we were looking for the cheapest thing, we looked for the cheapest shirt we could find....for $23!!! When I was checking out the saleswoman asked if I wanted to get the boys matching shirts...um, no...I am not paying $46 for two PLAIN t-shirts! To make matters worse, when I went to change Kaden, Kristoffer walked around the corner and found a Gymboree....we could have bought a plain t-shirt for 5 bucks there!

Always an adventure!

With that adventure behind us we walked to the restaraunt. The boys kept saying how excited they were to eat there. Kristoffer had showed them a video of how they cook the food on the iPad, so they were excited for the show to start.

Kaden trying to use chopsticks.


Look at the camera sweet boy!

They gave the boys kid-friendly chopsticks.

He got pretty good at it.

Kaden has this ability to fall asleep while he is eating. I looked at him one minutre....

...and the next minute he was asleep!

We were seated at a table with another family and it was the mom's birthday too. The two of us had to stand up and dance while they sang happy birthday to us.

He loves it when I take his picture!

It was a great birthday with my boys!!


Your favorite MIL said...

Those red hats are the cutest! They are about as non-Asian-looking little guys as you will ever see. But so very adorable! Happy 29th to a very special girl!!! Love you!

Jess said...

Looks like you had a great birthday! Hope your family has had a good winter and are ready for spring!