Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lindsey's Wedding

The boys and I are back from our week long trip to Indiana, and I am somewhat unpacked from this trip...only to get packed again and leave for another week on Sunday! The whole reason for our trip to Indiana was to watch my cousin Lindsey marry her sweetheart Travis.
These two have been together for 9 years and are finally husband and wife!!! They had a beautiful wedding...and of course, Lindsey was such a gorgeous bride!

It is different to attend a wedding with children now...I am always emotional about weddings (because they remind me of my special day with my one true love!), I got teary eyed watching the beautiful bride walk down the aisle, but then we were busy trying to entertain a 2 year old and a 5 month old most of the time. Kaden was pretty good during the ceremony, he just got tired at the end, but Karter kept saying (rather loudly) "Lindsey's getting married"! We really need to teach him how to whisper. Karter and Jonah enjoyed their freedom after the ceremony.

Our nephew, Jonah is adorable...and sure knows how to ham it up for the camera!

While we were waiting on the bride and groom to have their pictures taken, appetizers were served and it was a great way to entertain these two monkeys!

Karter did not nap ALL day, so he was running around to try and stay awake and didn't like to have to stop for a picture with mama.

After not seeing his daddy for a whole week, Kado was pretty happy to be hanging out with daddy!

Karter is in love with Lindsey, he couldn't wait to see her and steal a smooch!

He was pretty excited to dance with her too!

Grandma Vicky even stole a dance or two!

Finally the no nap situation caught up with him and he passed out on Kristoffer. There is just something about watching my strong husband cuddle our sleeping baby that makes my heart melt...I love them both!!

Lindsey and Travis had a photo booth set up at their reception and we thought it was the coolest idea.
Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Wait!!!


Terry said...

What a great time...and Lindsey was a beautiful bride!!!

Maher Family said...

What a beautiful cake and wedding!!

EZ Whaley said...

I love that first photo booth pic!