Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Tradition

We are back! Our computer is back up and running, and now we are just waiting for my genius, computer loving brother to help us get all of our files off our old hard drive. And no, we didn't have all of our documents and pictures backed up before this happened...and yes, we will be getting an external hard drive soon!

This post is pretty old now, but I started it a couple weeks ago before the crash. One beautiful Saturday in September, Kristoffer and I took the boys over to Greenfield to explore Tuttle Orchards. We have been going to an orchard every year since we got married, but not that we are back in Indiana we had to go much earlier in the year than when we were in Minnesota.

The orchard had a neat little area for the kids. It had several different play grounds to play on.

Karter loved climbing the rock wall. Kaden really wanted to climb too, but he settled for us helping him up!

What a big boy!

The slide was incredibly fast, but that didn't stop Kaden from going down again and again!

The next stop in the kid zone was the maze...where I had a slight advantage over the kids!

Karter had a lot of fun trying to direct Kaden in the right direction.

Me and my boys! After about 6 takes...this is the best one!

After the maze, Karter took me on a tractor ride.

Then Kaden decided to help Karter steer...maybe the next time he decides to drive, he should at least look at where he's going!

After a visit to the snack shack for an apple cider slushy and a caramel apple, we were finally ready to pick some apples. The orchard had little red wagon for everyone to use, and Karter was excited to pull Kaden in the wagon.

They only had two varieties ready when we were there. Karter was very particular about the apples he picked, but once our basket was finally full we headed pack to the front of the orchard to pay.

They also had a "petting zoo"...it only had 2 animals...and we had a really hard time actually petting them!

It was such a gorgeous day, we packed a picnic for dinner and headed to Pendleton to finish out our fun day. We didn't realize that Pendleton was also having some sort of festival that day, so Falls Park was extremely busy and we had a difficult time finding a free area. We walked across the falls and found a quiet place right by the water. I'm not sure who ate more...us or the mosquito's! The bugs were bad! Before heading home we took the boys to play on the "toys". A fun way to end our perfect fall day. I'm so glad we can keep up our annual tradition of visiting an orchard...even though we technically have an orchard just outside our back door!!

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