Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Love

Friday was a big day in our was Kristoffer's birthday! All day (while Kristoffer was at work) the boys and I talked about Daddy and the special things we wanted to do for him. The first thing on our list to celebrate daddy was to make some brownies. October is a big birthday month in the Gray family, so we are already going to get our favorite cakes (spice and jelly) this month, so Kristoffer requested brownies. If you haven't made brownies with 2 very eager to help little boys, I highly recommend it if you want to raise your stress level a little!!

Don't worry, I did have a pretty strict "once you lick the spoon you can't put it back in the bowl" rule!

This first picture I took of Karter he closed his eyes so I told him to open his eyes for the next one...Mr. Literal opened his eyes all right!

Our next project was something Karter saw in his Highlights magazine. As soon as he saw it he said that we had to make it for Daddy's party. Using toilet paper rolls and cupcake liners we made mushrooms with a candy surprise.

Karter carefully counted out 10 jelly beans to put in everyone's mushroom. It was supposed to be a surprise, but he was way too excited and kept asking when we could eat the jellybeans.

They turned out cute!

Who needs a card when you have a message written in chalk on the driveway!?

Karter even signed his own name! He needed help with the K, but did the rest himself!!

Kristoffer's "Special Day"

Kristoffer always picks spaghetti as his special meal. The boys don't complain about that choice!

After dinner it was time to blow out the candles!

Good thing Daddy has Karter to help him with all those candles!

Happy birthday, my love!!

It took a little teamwork to get all the candles!

Karter was so excited about Daddy's birthday, that he wrote a little song....

Happy Birthday, Kristoffer!!! We love you :)

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Kyler said...

Enjoying the new layout. Hope you enjoyed your birthday, Kristoffer.