Monday, July 9, 2012

June Recap: Part 2

Here is what we were up to the second half of June....

For Karter's birthday, we got him a bike.  Before the temperatures got too outrageous, we took him across the road almost every night to practice.  As I have said before, Kristoffer is an awesome, patient Daddy and has helped Karter really learn how to pedal!

Cutie Pie!

Would you know that this ornery little boy had just been to the doctor a few hours earlier for an ear infection?  What a difference a long nap and 2 doses of antibiotics will make!

Karterman has mastered the length of the basketball court...but check out Kristoffer's air!!

Silly Daddy!


After riding for a bit, the boys were ready to move on to activity #2 that night, but first we had to wave at the neighbors riding by on their tandem bike!

Then it was time to race under the old grapevines.  There is something about running under there that really fascinates the boys!


The weekend after Karter's birthday, we packed up the van and headed to Cincinnati for a night to visit the 2011 Grays!  Kyler and Kristoffer took the boys to a Reds game, while Kara and I enjoyed a pedicure and a little shopping!  Here are a few pictures Kristoffer took at the game...


Down the road from our house are 2 horses, and a few nights a week we enjoy walking down to visit them.  The boys have named them Butterscotch and Cocoa.

We have started bringing them a treat each visit, and Butterscotch has caught on and now charges to the fence when she sees the wagon pull up.

Cocoa is much to shy (and Butterscotch is much to greedy) so he doesn't get any treats.


Papaw just happened to be out putting the chickens away...and doesn't he always need his 2 partners to help him?!


An old theatre in New Castle does free family movies on Wednesday mornings during the summer.  I didn't catch wind of this awesome treasure until last week.  The boys were super excited to be able to watch Smurfs in the theatre....and eat popcorn!


My cookie business is officially on break!  I was pretty much booked up from March until June, and it was getting to be too much for me to handle...I was just getting too tired!  Plus, I felt like the boys and I were stuck inside working on such beautiful days.  We only have a few months until our lives change (for the better!), and I want to enjoy those few months with the boys as much as possible!!

This order was split beach and 4th of July...what a fun way to end!!

Hopefully this month I will be better about posting...but I'm not holding my breath!! :)

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Mama T said...

Ooo...hadn't seen the beach cookies...LOVE THEM!!! Crazy old couple on the tandem....