Saturday, July 7, 2012

June Recap: Part 1

So...blogging hasn't really been happening around this place for awhile...sorry about that!  What little downtime we have had, I've used it to nap instead of doing something productive.  June was a very busy month for us with graduations, a special 4th birthday and VBS at church.  Here is a little long recap of the past month....

Our month started out with some very special visitors coming from Minnesota.  It is such a small world and our great family friends, Brian, Mary & Martha, have family in New Castle and came into town for their nephews graduation.  They spent two nights with us, and the boys were excited to have visitors!

Of course, they were more excited to help clean up the "extra" cinnamon and sugar from the bread we were preparing for them.

We absolutely loved having them, and it was as if a year hadn't passed since our last visit.  We love our Minnesota "family"!


That same weekend was graduation weekend around here.  I had one order for cupcakes (no pictures of them) and one order for cookies for our friend Kelli!

Love the colors she wanted!


One day after a lunch in Sulphur, we came home to a surprise on our front step.

My mom's best friend from high school, Aunt Lonnie, sent the boys a special package since they are going to be big brothers x2!

To say the boys loved getting a package in the mail would be an would think they had won the lottery.  Thank you very much Aunt Lonnie for thinking of the boys!


"Look at all my hats, I'm like Daddy!"


It wouldn't be June around here without the Middletown Fair!

They loved the rides, but they also enjoyed winning... "babies"!  Karter won this dolphin, appropriately named "red dolphin" and Kaden won a yellow bear that he insists is a giraffe and has named "baby giraffe".

No visit the fair is complete without some snacks!  Kristoffer really wanted to get the "boys" some cotton candy, but neither of them cared for I think it was really just for him!


Mr. Karterman started his birthday morning with the breakfast of his choice...donuts!!  I think he had been waiting all year to use the "Special Day" plate, because when I was setting the table he told me not to forget that he gets to eat off the red plate!!  That boy doesn't forget anything!!


Trying to get two kids to look at the camera at the same time is hard, getting four children is impossible!  I took about 5, and this is the best one.  In the other 4, little Miss Olivia has her shirt up, I didn't find that as appropriate as her brother.  I sure do love all four of these blond cuties!!

I also love my brother!!  :)

Check back in a couple of days to see a recap of the second half of our month...

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Anonymous said...

I just love the package pictures. Thank you for sharing them! Love you all!