Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Best Weekend Ever - Day 1

Our long fourth of July weekend started off with a great surprise...Kristoffer decided not to go into work on Saturday! It was great to spend some rare time relaxing and hanging out in our pj's on a Saturday morning! Although we loved relaxing, there was still some work to be done! The boys and I changed our clothes and headed out to the Y, while Kristoffer stayed home to do some yard work.

All week we had been talking about what we were going to do Saturday after nap time...go see car movie! When Karter woke up Saturday morning, he said "I'm ready to see car movie 2", but he was a bit disappointed that we meant after nap, not bed. So when we woke him up from his nap, he was ready to head out to the movie.

We had two free movie passes that Kristoffer won at Target (3 years ago!) and a gift card from Uncle Kyler and Aunt Kara, so since we weren't spending any money out of pocket we splurged a little!! If you bought a popcorn and drink you could get any candy for $1, so we picked out some chocolate raisins...

...and we also got Karter his own kids pack.

This is only the second time the boys have been to a theatre, so they were both pretty amazed by the size of the screen!

Movie theatres don't really carry milk, so we let Karter have his own Sprite. His own pop + chocolate raisins + fruit snacks = one crazy boy!! That night when we got home, we definitely saw the effects of what too much sugar can do to a little boy!

Kaden sat really good for the 15 minutes we were there early, all of the previews, and the first 20 minutes of the movie, but after that he had been sitting too long and needed to run around. Luckily we sat in the back of the theatre and had pretty much the entire back row to ourselves. So we just let him roam the back row. The only real noise he made was the constant scream of "CAR" whenever he saw a car came across the screen...and since we were seeing a car movie, it happened quite often!

We finished our evening out with a trip to Target and a little Mexican cuisine! Movie nights are definitely not the relaxing escape of reality that they used to be, but I wouldn't trade our family date for anything!

Check back tomorrow for Day2!


Gramaw T said...

I've seen that mesmerized look on many a Gray man while he's watching a show. I can attest to Karter's "sugar high" that night...very funny!

Anique and Kamaron said...

Last photo in the post is priceless!