Saturday, July 9, 2011

Best Weekend Ever - Day 3

We are a little behind on our posts, but most days it is hard to find the time/energy to post. Finally, here is the conclusion to our "Best Weekend Ever"! On the 4th of July, Kim and Terry heading to OH for the day, so we had the house to ourselves for the day. The boys (and me too!) loved having Kristoffer home for the day and just hanging out in the morning. Kristoffer played with the boys while I did a bit of cleaning and food prep for our afternoon festivities. Before we headed out for the day, we tried to have a little photo shoot with flags. The flags quickly became weapons and we couldn't get a great picture of them together. We did manage to get a cue one of each of them!

Mr. Busy was too busy to look at me!

Mama and her boys!

Daddy and his boys!

I love Kaden's face peaking out from under the flag.

After our photo shoot, we loaded up the van and headed to Chesterfield for their 4th of July parade. We got there pretty early to get a good spot and have a picnic lunch before he parade.

We parked a couple blocks away and then walked to our spot. Turns out we could have parked where we sat, but we didn't know. The locate was great, and the boys enjoyed running around the grassy area behind us.

The parade started right at nap time, so by the time it started Kado's patience were running a bit thin!

We always love a good self portrait!!

Who is this big boy!?

Kaden actually wore his sunglasses for the first time and he looks super cool!

Thankfully the road was shut down, because Kaden kept wanting to start his own parade.

He got really excited when he saw the parade coming and it was a fire truck. His excitement quickly faded when the first 30 vehicles were fire trucks/police cars/ambulances and each of them had their sirens on full blast. Sensory overload!

Karter loved waving his flag at all the floats. And of course, his bucket was always close by in case there was any candy!

We had a great time celebrating our independence at the parade and we were all ready for a nap when we go home!

Every 4th of July since we have been married I have made a flag fruit pizza. (Please excuse the crazy hair and sunburn!)

The flag is not an exact replica, because I had to try and maximise the fruit to crust ratio!

We forgot to document the next part of our holiday, but we all put on our bathing suits and washed the van. Karter was a very good helper, and Kaden was very good at playing in the water!

Kim and Terry made it home in time for us to put Kaden to bed and take Karter to fireworks. We felt that Kaden was just a little young to enjoy the fireworks. Kim warned us that the hill in New Castle was pretty full when he drove by, so we parked down the road and hiked to our spot on the hill.

We brought along some sparklers to help pass the time.

He looks a bit scared in this picture, but Karter really did enjoy them. He watched them the whole time and as soon as it was done he would ask for another one.

I tried out a few different camera settings while they did sparklers.

Finally it was time for the main event! Karter LOVED the fireworks!

All day long we kept telling Karter why we were celebrating the 4th of July and then we would chant "U-S-A" and in response he would chant "I-S-A"! Thinking we were saying "you" instead of "U" he would always say "I" was hilarious!!

While we were waiting for the fireworks I figured out how to take videos with my here is a little video while we were doing sparklers.

We feel our job as parents is to create memories for our boys, and this weekend I think we created some wonderful memories!! I love (all 3) of my boys!!!

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Gramaw T said...

You are certainly creating wonderful memories for your two munchkins! You are both terrific parents...and you do have the CUTEST little boys!!! :)