Thursday, July 7, 2011

Best Weekend Ever - Day 2

Day 2 of our holiday weekend started out like a typical Sunday...Kristoffer making pancakes for breakfast and heading off to church. I had signed up to make cookies for the Welcome Table, so I made some cute patriotic sugar cookies!

Our family has a Sunday tradition of going out to lunch with Kim & Terry and Emily & Zach after church. We had to take a break from going for he past few months, because Kristoffer was teaching confirmation after church. Although Em & Zach were out of town, we went out after church anyway, and boy did we have an exciting time at our first lunch back. The meal started out with me spilling an entire cup of chocolate milk on my lap. Then about halfway through our meal, our waitress spilled my water all over my was a great lunch...haha!

After the boys woke up from their naps, we loaded up the van and headed to Losantville to take a bike ride on the Cardinal Greenway bike trail.

It is an excellent trail and really beats riding on the bumpy country roads we are used to. We biked 5 miles out and then stopped so the boys could run around for awhile before biking the 5 miles back.

The boys had a great time throwing stones into the creek.

After our bike ride, we loaded our bikes back into the van and headed to Grandpa Kenny's to go fishing!

Grandpa gave Karter a fishing pole for his birthday and he was pretty excited to use it for the first time. It must be a lucky pole...

...because he caught this beauty on his first cast with his new pole!!

Of course Kado was not scared at all to touch the fish...

...or helping dig around for worms!

We all got lucky with Karter's fishing pole...

...Kristoffer won the "best catch of the day" award!

When we finished fishing and catching up with Grandpa Kenny and Joyce, we headed into Hagerstown for a picnic at the park. Of course, Kristoffer and I were the only two that ate anything, because the boys were more interested in the toys. Kaden, who is fascinated with cars, spotted this beauty right away and maneuvered himself inside without any assistance.

Random bear at the park!

There weren't many people at church, so I had a lot of cookies left over. We decided to drop by Gran-Gran and Grandpa Bud's house on the way home to drop off some cookies. It was really just an excuse to stop by! By the time we got there it was 9pm, we had been going all afternoon and were very sweaty and dirty, but I don't think they minded snuggling our dirty boys!!

What a fun, family filled day!!!

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Emily said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend!