Monday, August 15, 2011

Beach Time Part 3 - Family Time

Finally....the third installment to our beach vacation!! We have had some exciting and very time consuming things going on lately, and soon we will share some of our excitement (no, we are not pregnant!).

Besides enjoying relaxing and eating while on vacation, of course our favorite part was spending some much time together as a family. We loved having Kristoffer for 10 ful days and spending some quality time with most of our Gray family.
Kaden is a total Papaw's boy and loved playing in the sand and surf with his Papaw!

Papaw has a way of entertaining Kado that not many people can match!

Mama and her babe!

Ask Karter what his favorite thing was about the beach, and each time he will tell you something different. He really did love it all! But he spent most of his time picking up shells and throwing them in the water.

Kaden loves to honk noses, and Uncle Zach was his favorite target!

As the week went on, Karter loved being in the water more and more, but he hated to be knocked down by the waves. At the beginning of the week the water was real choppy and he got knocked down a couple times. Luckily Papaw was there to help him up!

We are read A LOT of books to the boys during the week. If you were seated in the living room, you were far game to read!

Brotherly love!

After dinner each night we came back to the house and took the boys back down to the water. Karter likes to keep attendance of where everyone is at all times, and asked everyone if they were all coming down to the water too. He was happy to play frisbee with Anique and Zach.

Playing in the sand with our little babe!

Karter and I spent a lot of time gathering shells together and then looking at them all, picking out our favorites. We liked to pretend that the broken bits of the scallop shells were chips! We had a little trouble convincing Kaden that we were just pretending, and they weren't actually food!

Daddy and his boys!

I was reading on the beach and saw Kristoffer heading to the water with the boys and thought I would go in the help him. As I got in the water, Karter told me to go sit back down, they were fine without me! The boys (and mommy) LOVED having Daddy around all the time!

Aunt Nique and Uncle Kamaron couldn't resist reading a few books!

Kaden destroying helping Daddy build a sandcastle.

Hanging out in our "pool".

Karter was showing off the curly shell Gramaw found.

We used to love napping on the beach "pre K", but that is a thing of our past! Both boys thought it was funny to harass those who were napping! Karter would always ask, "Mommy, why are they napping? It isn't nap time yet!".

Family time!

The boys had so much fun playing with Kamaron and Anique...we really wish we could see them more often!

Picking out shells.

Karter heading out into the water with Daddy.

What a wonderful week at one of our favorite places on Earth, spending quality time with our family!! Can't wait until next year!! :)

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Gramaw T said...

I can hardly wait either!!! Maybe next year EVERYONE can be there! So glad to share the week with you.