Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Road Trip!!

We are back and finally unpacked from a fantastic week at the beach with the Gray's! Our trip started early, 3:30am on Saturday July, 23rd, with the hopes that the boys would sleep for a good chunk of the morning.

However, it turns out, the boys aren't much for sleeping in the van. :(

They do like to be cute though!

We stopped for a crazy breakfast somewhere in Ohio. We had all been in the car for nearly 5 hours, and when we let them loose they were like wild animals. I feel sorry for the waitress who had to clean up all their messes!

After breakfast Kaden did give in and sleep for maybe 20 minutes!

We crossed into North Carolina just around lunch time. The NC Welcome Center made the perfect place for our picnic.

I think Daddy was just as happy to get out of the van too!

About an hour after lunch we arrived at our pit stop in High Point, NC. Kristoffer had told the boys that they could jump on the beds at the hotel, since it wasn't our bed, and boy did they have fun with that little freedom!

There is something about Karter's face that says he's up to no good!

We made a little tent out of blankets for Karter to "camp" in.

After our play time, we headed down to the pool to continue helping the boys burn off some energy!

After our swim, getting up too early and not napping all day finally caught up with us all. I woke up from a power nap with this little cutie snuggled up next to me!!!

Is it just me, or does my baby look HUGE in this bed?!

We all slept great that night and woke up ready to finish our journey to the beach. We decided to make a stop at the NC Zoo on the way...more on that later.


After soaking up the sunshine for a week, sadly our vacation was over and it was time to load up the van for our trip home.

About 10 miles from Selma, NC we started counting billboards for JR. In that 10 mile stretch, we counted nearly 20 billboards!! We couldn't see that many and not stop! The boys were getting restless and it was a good timing to stretch our legs and check out this overly advertised place.

Who doens't want to shop at a place that comes with a warning..."Warning, Warning...."

"You are about to enter the ultimate shopping experience!" It was an interesting place, we were able to stretch our legs and let the kids run crazy, but have no real interest in stopping there again!

Our plans for the drive home were to drive until we felt like stopping and then finding a hotel room. Although, things didn't quite go as planned. We encountered some terrible traffic in the mountains and ended up crawling along for 21 miles, taking us over 2 hours. Once we finally started moving again, Kristoffer started looking for a place to stay in Princeton, WV, but every place he called said they were full. We arrived in town and decided to try one last place, but they were also full. They told us that every place in the next town(30 miles away) were also full. Kind of stressed out about where we were going to stay, we decided to go ahead and have some dinner (since it was past 7) and put on a movie for the boys. A little car movie can always help calm them down! After dinner I started calling around Charleston, WV (~2 hours from where we were), and after calling almost 10 places, we finally found a place that had 1 room left. Of course we snatched it up and paid the price for not making reservations...$140! The only room they had left was a king suite. Although it was a but more than we wanted to pay, the room was huge and very nice. Besides the king size bed, it also had a pull out sofa...which was the perfect Karter size!

The bathroom was huge too. I am standing in the shower trying to show you how big the bathroom was. The toilet was in its own room. The bathroom was so big, Kado slept in there!

The sink was too high for Karter, so Daddy told him to spit in the toilet.

It may have been nearly 11pm, but YAY! for good hygiene!

We all slept great and woke up ready to finish our 4 hour drive home!

Stay tuned for more posts about our fantastic beach vacation!!!


Kyler said...

Sounds like the travelling may have been as much of an adventure as the vacation itself.

Anique and Kamaron said...

That last picture with their chocolate milk is priceless...that Karter would to anything for chocolate milk! Gald you guys finally found a place to stay for the night. We miss you already!