Friday, August 19, 2011

Olivia's 1st Birthday

A few months ago my sister in-law Joscelynn asked me to make some cookies and the cake for our beautiful nieces first birthday. I have been planning for this party since the day she asked me! I love making fun things for my boys, but there was just something new and exciting about making pink things!!

The time finally came after vacation to put my plan into action! Jos wanted a girly ladybug theme, so I made some white flowers with ladybugs on the petals and big pink ladybugs.

The theme for the cake was a ladybug leaving its tracks around the cake, so I made some #1 cookies to match.

The Saturday before the party I packaged the cookies, made a large cake, cupcakes and a small cake for Olivia to smash. Most of the major work was done, and all I needed to do was the finishing touches when we arrived at their house. So the next morning we woke up early and loaded up our van for our journey to Chicago. We arrived at their house while they were still at church, so I was hoping to finish up my work and be done before they got home....

...that was until I opened the cake box and saw this! I had made a ruffle cake (inspired by this one) for Olivia, and apparently the icing didn't actually adhere to the cake. With all of the shaking it had to endure on the drive, the icing slid off the cake!

While I was trying not to panic, Kristoffer was being super dad and kept the kids out of my way occupied the kids in the other room!

I didn't bring the tip I needed to redo the ruffle, so I used what I had and "made it work". I smoothed out the icing and made the flower/ladybug track pattern that the big cake had.

Thankfully the top didn't get messed up, I loved the Olivia in tracks!

The big cake was white cake with pink buttercream. The accents were all made of fondant.

Cupcakes with fondant/gum paste flowers and ladybugs.

The larger cookies were packaged as party favors for the gifts, and these were out as a platter to go with the cake and ice cream.

All ready to dive in!

I am so glad that we were able to be a part of our sweet Olivia's birthday. This little cutie is totally smitten with her Daddy, and was making googly eyes at him when I took this picture!

She wasn't scared a bit and started out eating all of the decorations!

Who needs hands when you can just dive right in, face first!

Olivia sat contently for a long time eating her cake!


She made quite the dent and ate all of the decorations!!

Happy 1st belated birthday to you, Miss Livi!!!


Your favorite MIL said...

Great save... the mark of a true artist is being able to cover/make the most of mistakes that are bound to happen! You did it wonderfully!!!

Kate Thomas said...

You cookies & cake are amazing! (I graduated with Kamaron). I also do cakes, but WOW you are super talented!!! :)