Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Our Easter was really exciting this year! Karter understands the true meaning of Easter, and loved the idea of waking up to a basket full of presents. After we set out our baskets and eggs for the Easter Bunny, Karter decided that we should leave him a note.

"Dear Easter Bunny,
We have a lot of eggs. We have some big ones. We hope you have a lot of candy.
Please hide the eggs."

All Karter's words, written by Kristoffer!

This was how excited he was about Easter!

In the morning we woke up to eggs EVERYWHERE!!

The boys baskets had been filled and the Easter Bunny even ate half the carrot we left for him.

Karter loved the new car movie cars.

So did Kado! After he saw one car, he was done with the basket!!

After 10 tries, this is the best face Karter would give me!

Happy Easter, Kaden!

After seeing everything in their baskets, it was time to hunt some eggs. Karter was going as fast as he could, getting as many as he could!

Of course, Kaden was a different story.

"Mama, there sumpin (something) in it!"

Not one to waste time, he had to open his egg immediately and devour the contents!

While Karter hunted the rest!

Kaden did manage to find a few other eggs....and eat them just as quickly.

Kaden's basket of eggs.

Karter's basket of eggs!

Happy Easter handsome boy!!!

After both boys were full of sugar it was time to change into our Sunday best and head to church. For the early service, our very own Kristoffer gave the message!! He did a fantastic job and I was so proud of him!! We had a great morning at church and then headed over to Kristoffer's grandparents house for an Easter lunch.

When we got home, the boys (Kristoffer included) were eager to try out Karter's new kite.

It was a pretty windy day, so we didn't really have to do anything but stand there and watch!

Karter looks so big!!

It was the perfect day celebrating our risen Lord!!


Gramaw T said...

You captured the personality of those two cuties perfectly! Happy Easter to you all!!! Glad we got to share some of it with you! :)

Kara & Kyler said...

Happy Easter! Looks like Karter & Kaden loved it.

Lonette said...

What a wonderful Easter for a wonderful family!!! Love, Aunt Lonnie