Tuesday, April 24, 2012

14 Weeks

This past Saturday we hit the 14 week mark for this pregnancy!  It was an exciting week, because this was the first week in a long time that I didn't feel sick most of the time!!  I still have some major food aversions (to things that I used to eat all the time), but as long as I avoid them I am fine.  My energy also came back a little bit, and I have been feeling this huge urge to get our house decorated before the babies come!

This past week I also had a doctors appointment.  It almost isn't even blog worthy, because it was so uneventful.  I literally saw the doctor for less than one minute.  I have gained 5 lbs do far and my blood pressure was perfect.  We listened to the babies beautiful heartbeats and then it was out the door!  Since Terry had the boys, I took advantage of it and spent some time browsing the aisles of Hobby Lobby...by myself!!  It was a much more peaceful trip than most of our trips!

Since you are probably sick of hearing about me, here are a couple cute pics of the boys...

 A few weeks ago we Kristoffer helped my brother move.  We camped out at their new place and one night it got super cold, isn't Karter just the cutest cuddled up in his blankets!?

It is hard to get Mr. Kado to look nicely at the camera, but he is still cute surrounded by one of his favorite things...books!

P.S.  When did blogger change its layout...guess it has been awhile since we posted!


Kara said...

Lookin good! So excited for the babies :)

Lauren said...

Dana you look fabulous!!!!