Thursday, May 3, 2012

Weekend Away Part 1

Blogger is not allowing me to upload all of the pictures I want to make this one gigantic post, so I will divide it into a two part post.

Pre-Kids Kristoffer and I used to take trips for our anniversary to explore a new small town.  It is something that we had to do away with and settle for a nice dinner out just the two of us.  However, with two new little babies on the way, we decided to begged ask Gramaw and Papaw to watch the boys for the weekend so we could enjoy some time away....ok there was no begging, if any it was the other way around, them begging us! 
We booked two nights in a little B&B in Jeffersonville, IN, just across the river from Louisville.

 It was a super cute little place with a delicious breakfast and spacious rooms.

 We spent Saturday morning exploring historic downtown Jeffersonville.

 While Kristoffer spent time reading every single sign looking at the town square...

 I spent time taking pictures of the beautiful roses.

There were roses everywhere and it smelled amazing!!

 One stop we couldn't wait to to make was Schimpff's Candies.  The oldest candy store in Indiana, and has been in the same family since the 1880's.

 Half of the shop (which is still at its original location) is a museum.  

 The other half is full of CANDY!!!  We were a little early for the demonstrations, so we just bought the boys some stuff and headed out....but not before Kristoffer read all of the articles on the wall.

One interesting picture was off Pres. G.W. Bush with the owner of our inn while he was visiting Jeffersonville a few years back.

After leaving the candy shop we made our way back to the car.  I had to take a picture of the hand I was holding all day!!  Most of the time the hands I hold are much it was nice to be able to hold my love's hand for awhile!!
 Before crossing into Kentucky we hiked leisurely walked around the Falls of the Ohio State Park.  It was a beautiful place to explore on such a gorgeous day!

 Gotta love the self-portraits!!

 We crossed the bridge and drove around until we finally found a place to park in Louisville.  Turns out there was a marathon and a mini-marathon being ran that morning and there were runners EVERYWHERE!!  Traffic (both car and pedestrian) was terrible, so it took us a bit to get our barrings.

 Our goal was to explore downtown until we were hungry and then find a place to eat.  Unfortunately, by the time we were hungry, we weren't close to any restaurants.  But we enjoyed exploring and walking around downtown.

Of course, we had to walk past the Louisville Slugger Museum!

 After walking and walking (for hours!) we finally found a place to eat and rest for a bit.

 Our evening plans included a trip to Churchill Downs, but they didn't open the gates until 4.  Some guests at the inn suggested that we get some ice cream at the Comfy Cow, and not being ones to not take suggestions on ice cream, we drove to the University of Louisville and walked their main street (Kirkwoodish) to get some ice cream.

We walked around campus while eating our ice cream, and there was NO ONE...not one person...on campus!!  Graduation wasn't for 2 more weeks, so we were baffled at where the people could have been.  The campus was beautiful and full of gorgeous lawn areas....we felt like they really needed someone to sit in the grass, so we did!!  I'm sure we fit right in...ya know, two almost 30 year olds fit right in the college scene!!

Hopefully we won't be to delayed, but soon we will be back to post about our exciting evening at Churchill Downs!!

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Looks like you saw some cool things in Louisville.