Friday, May 25, 2012

Watering the Flowers

Kristoffer and the boys have added some beautiful flowers to our back deck.  Karter has taken it upon himself to be the official dirt checker, and to make sure the dirt is wet.  When he discovers that it is the tiniest bit dry, he declares that when daddy he gets home they should water the plants.

Both boys race for the hose when daddy says it is time to water.

Of course, they spend a little bit of time watering the deck....and themselves first!

Didn't you know it is always best to water the flowers with two extra sets of hands to help hold the hose!?

Have I ever mentioned that Kristoffer is the best, most patient daddy in the world....because he is!!!  I melt into a pile of hormonal messiness when I see him doing things with the boys!

I think this little boy had a good time!!

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Mama T said...

Cute Gray boys...all 3 of them!