Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our Two Baby...

...GIRLS!!!  We are still a little surprised, but overly excited about adding two baby girls to our family!  Right away at our ultrasound last week we got two very clear shots...

Baby A (who is closest to the "door"...aka lower in the uterus) was the first to show us she was a girl!

 And Baby B (who is higher) was not to be outdone by her sister!

Baby A was positioned with her back to us, so we the ultrasound tech couldn't get a great shot at her face...we did get glimpses of it though!  But most of the time we saw her beautiful spine!  You can see her head on the left of the picture and her tush on the right.

Baby B also had her spine out, but since she is higher the tech was able to get a side profile shot....adorable!! 

Everything on the ultrasound looked great and both babies are growing according to where they should be.  Baby A weights an estimated 9 oz and had a heart rate of 141 bpm.

Watching them on the screen was incredible and we just sat in awe as we watched God's miracles move around on the screen.  It is truly amazing to watch all four chambers of their beautiful little hearts work perfectly!!  Baby B weighed in at a whopping 10 oz and had a heart rate of 148bpm.

After our appointment we toured to hospital's birthing center where the babies will be born.  Since these will be our first Indiana babies, we wanted to be familiar with the hospital and know a little bit about what to expect.  We even checked out the cafeteria so Kristoffer will know where to get some food!

Since Terry had the boys, we enjoyed a little date night celebrating our growing family.  And of course, we had to stop by Target to buy some PINK things!!  We wanted to have a cute way to tell the boys about their sisters.  So we got a pack of onesies and wrapped them for them to open.  Karter knew right away that the pink shirts were for his sisters....and had to tell Gramaw right away she guessed right!  It was a very precious memory for us to have!

I think our two little girls are going to be pretty lucky to have such loving big brothers!!
(This is the face when you tell Kaden to say "cheese!".)

This big guy is very into making sure we have toys for his sisters to play with...and is now on the look out for pink cars for them!!

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Lauren said...

I am so excited for your family! The boys look so proud <3 As a member of team pink I can tell you it's a lot of fun :-)