Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bowling with the Boys

A few weeks ago we took the boys bowling on a Saturday afternoon.  Karter had been once before, but this was Kaden's first experience and he loved watching all the other people throw their balls down their lanes.

Karter helped Daddy type in our names.

First up was Karterman!!  He was a little hesitant to throw his ball down the lane (the ramp was for Kado), but thankfully there was a 6 year old birthday party next to us and he wanted to copy them!

You know Kaden is excited when he moves his hands all around...and there was a lot of that!

Mama and her boys!!

Aren't little boy bowling shoes just the cutest?!

Daddy wasn't having the best bowling day, so he decided to palm Karter's ball and throw it down.  Of course, he got a strike then!

Unfortunately, the little balls are very lopsided when they roll down the lane.  Karter was very good at throwing them down the middle, but it always ended up hitting the bumper.

It was a fun family outing...and as you can see, this Mama ended up winning!!  At the beginning, I was very worried Kaden might do better than me (he is the second K)!!

Here are a couple videos I took during our excursion.  Please excuse the quality, they were taken with my point and shoot and bowling alleys have terrible lighting...


Anique said...

I love that Karter asked right away how many he got...the mark of a true Gray man is that competitive spirit. Ha!

Kara said...

Looks like so much fun! Kaden got so excited!!