Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baby Girls - 29 Weeks

Yesterday I had my 29 week OB appointment and another ultrasound.  It is definitely fun being pregnant with twins, because we get to peak at them a lot more than with just a single pregnancy.  In fact, I have six scheduled appointments left before they arrive, and at all but one of them I will have an ultrasound!  The fun factor is not the actual reason for all the ultrasounds...the doctor actually has real reasoning!  Starting at 19 weeks they did on every four weeks, and then around 32 weeks they will do them weekly...just to check the babies weight (which is an approximate based on the size of their heads, abdomen and femur), monitor their hearts and to make sure that there is plenty of fluid.  Yesterday, they both passed all those tests with flying colors!  

 Baby A is always first to be seen...her face is circled above (the two little white lines are the bridge of her nose, with her eyes on the left and mouth on the right).  She has always been our "smaller" baby weighting in at 2lbs 11oz.  

 And here is beautiful Baby B...her face is just the opposite of her sisters, with her mouth on the left and you can only see one of her eyes on the right.  But check out that chubby cheek!!  She is our "bigger" baby at 3lbs.  I told the tech that I loved her chubby know, as chubby as a 3lb baby can be!

Most twins are either side by side or one on top of the other in utero...but our girls are all up in each others business!  The picture above is of Baby B's foot oh so lovingly kicking her sisters head!  But don't feel too bad for Baby A, she doing the same thing on the other end!  

After an hour of watching the girls it was time for my appointment.  As with most other appointments, it was pretty uneventful.  BP was still amazing 112/62 and I am measuring like I am 34 weeks pregnant (which is normal with a twin pregnancy).  Towards the end they watch my BP close to make sure I am handling everything ok, so it is quite the relief that it is still so low!

We have a tentative birthday scheduled!!  If everything continues to progress normally, the girls will be born on October 10th!  I am praying (and hope you will too) that everything continues to go smoothly and they don't decide to come before then, because my doctor will be in Italy the 2 weeks before that!!!!  Apparently she goes to Italy for those 2 weeks every year, and Oct. 10th will be her first day back to work.  I have complete faith in the entire practice, so if something happens before then I trust the other doctors, but I would really REALLY like to have my own doctor do our c-section.  The countdown is on....9 weeks from yesterday!!!  :)


Gramaw T said...

So glad to hear all is going so well!!! Nine more will fly by!!! EXCITING!!!

Lauren said...

Way to grow your babies dana! You are amazing. Also you are picking a great birthday... ahem. I mean since mine is the 8th and Norah's is the 12th, you sure can have the 10th :-) hehe! Anyway keep up the great work!!!

Anique said...

10/10 you can't beat that...I would love to share a birthday with my two little beautiful neices!!! I am so happy they are healthy :)