Monday, August 6, 2012

Random Beach Pictures

While the boys ran and played on the beach, the girls and I enjoyed watching them from the comfort of our chair!

Cheesy beach baby!!

Kristoffer was "super dad" all week, doing whatever the boys wanted...while I relaxed and watched!

One early morning the men left for an all day fishing excursion, and so I snuggled another little cutie pie!

Those feet NEVER stopped moving!!

Well....his feet never stopped moving while he was awake!  Kado would play hard all morning, but when he got tired he crashed hard too!  Nothing like a beach snuggle!

3 out of his 4 days on the beach, Kaden discovered just how wonderful naps on the beach can are!

Karter loved going out into the water with daddy...

Or anyone for that matter! 

Most evenings after dinner, we would enjoy a little more beach time before bed!  (That is "our" beautiful beach house with the red roof!)

We had a wonderful week at the beach with most of the Gray family!!  We just love spending time down there, making memories with our boys!!  :)

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Gramaw T said...

Wonderful photos of some precious boys!!! So glad you all were able to come! Love you all!!!