Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy 7 Months!

Our baby boy is 7 months old today!! To celebrate....we braved the -22 degree weather and went to the doctor. Karter had to get his second flu shot today, and he took it like a champ. Everyone in the doctors' office thought he was so cute in his monkey suit...everyone was checking him out!

Before we left, I decided to have a 7 month photo shoot with him. It didn't really go as I had planned because 1) it was his nap time so he wasn't really into smiling and 2) he kept taking his socks off! What is it with him and his socks!? Here are a few pics from this morning...

This one was before we changed clothes, but I thought it was too cute not to post!

Found his sock!

"Got it!"

Too cute for words...

He likes to try to attack the camera.

This is how he always on and one off. Eventually, he will pull this one off too!

LOVE these eyes!

Pondering what we should do.

Here is a list of what he's up to these days...
  • Eating like a champ! He eats 3 "solid" meals and 5 bottles (still about 40 oz) a day. Starting last weekend, Karter gets meat with his dinner. He has had turkey, beef and chicken, and loved them all. He still doesn't eat fruit, but I've been sneaking it in with some of the veggies and he hasn't don't tell him!
  • Started drinking out of a sippy cup this week. While we were on our "Indiana Vacation" he started taking little drinks of water out of my cup. When we got home, any time he saw me with my cup he started going crazy and HAD to have a drink. So, I decided to get out the only sippy cup we had and fill it with water. The first day he drank about half of it...well, some probably dribbled down the front of him! It has a hard top, so he can't suck on it as well as a soft top, but still manages to drink a lot. We will be getting a different cup this weekend.
  • Still a great sleeper. He gets his bath at 7:30 and goes to bed shortly after and will sleep until 7-7:30 in the morning. While we were in Indiana he wasn't sleeping the best, partly because he wasn't in his bed and partly because he was sick. A couple nights after we got home, he was back on schedule. He also takes 3 naps a day...1 long nap and 2 1-hour naps. Should he be down to 2 naps by now? I don't works for him.
  • Speaking of baths....he still LOVES them. I think it is his favorite time of the day. Kristoffer always gets him ready for his bath and he is all smiles when he gets in the tub.
  • Chews on everything in sight. We've been thinking he's been teething for the last couple months, but there still isn't anything poking through. Although, he does have bumps on his maybe soon!
  • He is always moving his hands. He will "clap" them together and this week has started waving. I'm always waving and saying hi to him in hopes that he will start to wave...I guess it's paying off!
  • Hates to have socks on apparently. He doesn't fuss about them, but he always takes them off almost immediately after I put them on.
  • Loves to jump. Whenever he is in the exersaucer or jumperoo he is jumping like crazy and blowing raspberries or talking the whole time. It is SO cute.
  • He is gaining mobility! I can no longer put him in one spot on the floor and gaurantee that is where he is going to stay. He hasn't gotten craling down, but he knows how to roll and get where he needs to be. He can be surrounded by his toys, but when he sees Rascal with a toy or a treat he must have what Rasc has. He will roll and scoot around until he has it.
  • Speaking of Rasc, they are best buds! Karter didn't see Rascal for about a week while we were in Indiana and when he saw him for the first time he giggled and clapped his hands. Every morning after I get Karterman up, we go in to say good morning to Rascal and he is all smiles.
I'm sure I'm forgetting something...but that's all for now! Have a wonderful weekend! Nothing big planned for us. Just heading to Target (extra 10% day!) and trying to make doughnuts again on Saturday, and Sunday we are going sledding with the kids. Should be fun!


Terry said...

Great photos, Dana! You are getting better and better with your camera!

And...about the naps...enjoy it while you can! One of these days he won't want one. He's sleeping well at night, so let him nap as much as he wants. An active boy needs his sleep!

Love you all. Stay WARM!

Anonymous said...

Best post ever!

Love those eyes.

Craig (and Jess) said...

My bad, last one was mine...