Monday, January 5, 2009

We're Back!

Wow...what a trip we had. It was wonderful to be able to be in Indiana for 10 days, and be able to visit with as many people as possible. The greatest thing was for the 3 of us to be able to spend those 10 days together! We have lots of pictures and stories to share. However, I, er...we got an awesome new camera for Christmas and most of the pictures are on there. Once, I learn how to transfer out, I took over 300 pics in 4 days!

As for the picture above, I think Terry captured beautifully what we have been dealing with the last week. Karter got his first cold last Monday, and the poor little guy was miserable! His eyes were watering, nose was running and drooling like crazy. He is feeling a lot better than he was last week, but still has a little cough.

Now its time to unload the car and dig myself out of the mess.

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Grandma T said...

Even with all the "wetness", he's still as sweet as can be! Love that little Tunkin...and you too!