Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shopping with Karter

Karter and I try to make weekly outings, but with the weather being so cold lately, we haven't had many outings in the last few weeks. After planning out our menu for this week, it was pretty apparent that we HAD to make an outing to Target this week, because our cupboards were getting pretty bare! We got bundled up and headed for the store, the car said it was 0 degrees. When I went to get Karter out of his car seat, this is how I found him....

Of course! He had pulled his socks off. Does he not realize how cold it is!?

Checking out the new crib display...his daddy would be so proud!

This is the same look Kristoffer gives me when he thinks it's time to go! Too bad for Karterman, we had just started. This is about the time I pulled out his snack and sippy cup, and everything was right with the world again! He spent the rest of the time "talking" to everyone in the store. He loves Target...again his daddy would be proud!

1 comment:

Grandma T said...

Darling little fella! And what a little stinker, taking his socks off constantly!

Very cute post!! The ordinary, every day things are often the best!

Love you all!