Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beach Baby

Karterman is a beach baby, he absolutely loved our week at the beach!! Before we had Karter, Kristoffer and I preferred to be beach bums, however with a VERY active one year old, our days of laying on the beach all day are long gone! Although, it is a lot of fun watching Karter explore the beach.

After Karter would wake up from his nap, we would get him all lotioned up and then head out to play.

Karter would get so excited when he would see where he was headed!

This boy had NO fear when it came to the ocean. He would run out as far as we would let him. Even when the waves would splash on his face, he would just like his lips and continue on.

He loved the ocean, but I think his favorite thing was the dig in the sand and collect shells. Karter was always covered in sand.

Daddy liked to dig holes with Karter.

How cute is this picture!? My 2 favorite boys!

Sometimes while they were digging a wave would come up and surprise them. Karter wouldn't mind though, he would just start splashing around!

Another thing that Karter loved to do was point at and chase the bird on the beach. Thankfully he never actually caught up to any of the birds, but he loved to watch them.

Karter and Daddy splashing away!

By now you are probably thinking..."wow, she has a lot of pictures today!" Sorry, there are still more to come. This is the problem you run into when you have such a cute babe!

Whenever a wave would hit him, Karter would let out the cutest laughs.

Karter smiling at Grandpa and Grandma while digging in the sand with dad.

Whenever Karter was walking on the beach, he would talk the whole time. He was just SO excited to be at the beach.

Sometimes I think that Karter thinks his life is a parade! While on vacation he started waving at everybody, he made so many new friends on the beach! Now that we are home, he still waves all the time, and most of the time there isn't anyone around!

Karter and Mommy both enjoyed having a week of Daddytime!

Karter also enjoyed spending the week with most of his Gray family. Grandpa Kim and Karter became real buds last week and they loved to sit and let the waves crash on them...and of course wave at the waves!

When playtime was over and the swim diaper came off, Karterman had to be hosed off because his little body was covered in sand!

Thanks for having us Kim & Terry, we loved every minute of it!

Here is a video of Karterman in action on the beach...


EZ Whaley said...

Karterman is just too cute! I loved being able to watch him enjoy the beach. Can't wait til next year when there are 2 beach babies!

Grandma T said...

SO ADORABLE!!! I've got a FEW (hundred!) photos of my own to post, but wanted to let you post yours first. The video is just precious...Karter was made to be a beach baby, for sure! Already looking forward to next year!
Love you all!!!

Kara said...

Aww! Great pictures of such a fun week!

Anique and Kamaron said...

Wow...the more I see the pics of the beach, the more I wish I was there. Karter looked like he was loving it. Such a fun age

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