Monday, July 6, 2009

Camping Up North!

On Thursday morning we loaded up two cars with all of the stuff it takes for 4 adults, 2 1-year olds, and 1 dog to go camping...not another thing would fit into the cars! We were heading up north to one of our favorite campgrounds, Glendalough State Park.

Jonah was a natural! He loved being outside, but more importantly, he loved Rascal's leash!

This was Karter's second camping trip and he liked it a lot more than the first time! Now he can walk and he loves to explore everything.

These two cutie pies...they are partners in crime!! There isn't anything much cuter than hearing these two laugh with each other!

Jos and I enjoying our shrimp kabobs.

It's kind of hard to see, but Rascal is resting between the two tents. We had just put the boys down for the night and they were both crying, so Rasc thought he had to protect them both!

On Friday afternoon we took the boys down to the lake to go swimming, and the absolutely LOVED it! We forgot to bring our cameras, so we decided to go for one more swim before leaving on Saturday.

This lake is so beautiful because the water is so clean and clear. The water was a bit cooler on Saturday, so Karter wasn't really into playing in the deeper part, but still liked splashing from the shore.

Jonah was so brave, he kept walking out until he couldn't touch anymore!

Both morning we were gone, Kristoffer and Jake went fishing really early. Kristoffer was so happy to have someone who was willing to go fishing with him! They were very successful and caught a good mess of fish. They claimed they took picture while they were gone, but I didn't find them on our camera!

It was a fantastic trip and was definitely a tradition in the making!


Jacob said...

Pictures of all the fish will be posted soon!

Grandma T said...

So glad you FINALLY posted something...I was definitely having withdrawal symptoms!!! Looks like a fun time! See you in 4 more days!!!

Anique and Kamaron said...

that looks like a ton of fun! see you all very soon...