Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Favorite Tomaw's

We have some visitors all week! My brother Jake, his wife Joscelynn and their son Jonah arrived last Friday night and are staying with us until Sunday. We are so excited to have them staying with us!

On Sunday we went down to Cannon Falls to play disc golf and have a picnic.

Jonah is a champion walker and was walking all over the park!

Karter also proved that he is a good walker - even with his shoes on!

2 cute boys with their dads! It was a fun afternoon at the park, but we had to leave early because the boys said it was nap time.


Mom said...

Gee all my favorite kids in one blog except the "author". Where's your pic Dana? Have a great week, wish things had worked out for me to be there for a few days.

Grandma T said...

Good times with the cousins! Enjoy your week together!