Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pool Boy

For Karter's birthday, our friends Nick & Ali got Karter his very first pool! With the temperatures in the upper 90s this week, we have been enjoying some quality pool time!

He absolutely loves being outside, so naturally he loves to splash around in his pool.

His favorite thing to do is drink the water! He always does this in the bath tub too!

After 45 minutes of splashing around, Karter decided he needed to go check on his puppy. Poor Rascal, he was just trying to escape the heat and relax in the shade!

After checking on Rasc it was back to the pool.

But Karter is a big boy now, no need to have mama help him in...

(On a side may have noticed Karter has a big bruise under his right eye. On Saturday, he got into a fight with the coffee table and the table won! Learning to walk can be tough sometimes!)

...oh no, he'll just climb in himself!

He's very resourceful! He even found a new toy while walking around the yard...Rascal's leash!


Grandma T said...

SOOO cute! Bet he'll LOVE the ocean...except not so good to drink!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Karter was really enjoying the pool! Could use that AC at work!

Sherry said...

Next summer all three kids can enjoy the pool!! So fun!!