Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just a Phase!?

Dinner last night was very rough! Karter likes to point at things and grunt until he gets what he wants. Its not like he is pointing at food that he wants, he wants things off the counter that are major baby no-no' a knife or the pizza cutter. Usually when we tell him no he grunts for a little bit longer but then gets over it. Well, last night he just would not let it go. He kept pointing and grunting and we kept telling him no. When the pointing and grunting didn't work for him he turned to bloody murder screaming. He was definitely testing us, and I must admit I was almost to my breaking point! He screamed for probably 15 minutes and whenever we would say no again he would just get louder. Nothing would calm him down, so I took him out of his highchair and set him in the living room. He continued to whine for a little while longer but then he got this look....
..."wait, what was it I was mad about?" Silly baby! He just wanted to test us and I know that...but it was hard! It is really hard to post these pictures actually, as a parent you never want to show your child crying! He rarely does it, so I couldn't resist getting the camera out to document! Just please tell me this is just a phase that he will grow out of!

To lighten the are some cute/happy baby pictures I took yesterday. Yes, he is wearing different clothes, but it is the same day. He is also going through an "I hate wearing a bib and must take it off when I am halfway done eating" phase. Anyway, he used to crawl to me to attack the camera, but now he walks!!

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Your favorite MIL said...

Great post, Dana! That is just the first of MANY tests to come...those Gray boys are stubborn, bull-headed creatures! STAY STRONG!!! I love it that you took a photo of him crying. Wish I'd done more of that. I had PLENTY of opportunities!!! :)