Saturday, June 6, 2009

Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head

One of the pictures above is from our backyard...
The other is of a desert...

I know, it's difficult to tell the difference!! May was the third driest May on record for Minnesota, as we received over two inches less rain than a "normal" May. (Side note: Who determines what weather is normal?)

Anyway, we try to keep our front yard semi-green, but the backyard is just that...the back yard. So, it gets neglected - much to the chagrin of our next door neighbors. Their yard literally looks like both the fairway at Augusta National Golf Club and the lawn at the White House Rose Garden. Seriously, it is that beautiful!

Well...the dry-ness ended today. With Karter and Dana in Chicago on their way to Indiana, I had to spend the day in all-day rain. We got about a half-inch - not much, but the most in a single day since mid-April! It was much needed rain...and allowed me to be lazy while at home by myself with Rascal.

Ahh...never has a wet driveway looked so good!!

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Mom said...

Great post, Kristoffer! Glad you got some rain finally. But then you're just going to have to mow again! Can't wait to see you on Friday!!!

Love you!