Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

It's just me and Rascal this week at home. I enjoy spending some father/dog time with him, and he's very easy going, so it's fun! Rascal is a dog with few worries - and he pretty much does only two things all the time when he is in the house.

1) Sleep...Rascal loves to sleep on our couch or chair upstairs. Sometimes, he even uses a pillow - or in the second picture, my sweatshirt as a pillow.

2) Be on the lookout...Our dining room window allows Rascal the opportunity to watch our neighbors and their dogs. He's always on the lookout when he's not sleeping.

HEY! Who you lookin' at?!?

Rascal will be spending alot of time in his kennel the next few days while I am at work. While he misses his mom and brother (Dana and Karter), he will get lots of rest before they come back! To Rascal, resting and looking out constitute his "Dog Days of Summer."

1 comment:

Mom said...

He is a nice dog...but he is NOT Karter's brother! :) Enjoy your relaxing time this week...can't wait to see you!