Friday, July 10, 2009

Karter at play

We are leaving for vacation tonight, so this will be our last post until July 21st. When we return we will have lots of pictures of Karter with different family members and of him playing in the sand and water. Until are two videos I shot of him this week playing with his toys.

This next video is of Karter and his piggy bank. It was love at first sight with his pig when Grandma Terry bought it for him back in March. He is very protective of his pig and doesn't like to share his coins. And please don't think that just because he hands you one of his coins that he actually wants you to keep it, it is just for you to hold for 1 maybe 2 seconds. Last week while playing with cousin Jonah, Karter learned how to put the coins in the piggy slot, so now his obsession has been taken to a new level!

Have a great week, we will be thinking of you all as we enjoy our time on the beach!

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Grandma T said...

Cute, sweet, athletic, AND intelligent...all in one package, like all the Gray men I know!!!

SEe you VERY SOON!!!!