Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random Pictures from the Beach

We have so many pictures and memories to share about our vacation, we could probably post on it for the next week....but we won't! We'll spare all our readers and cram all of our random pictures into one, very long, post! Enjoy the rest of our pictures (half are by Terry and half by us) in no particular order!

We couldn't wait to take Karter out to the beach. As soon as the cars were unloaded we went for a family walk.

Karter enjoyed many snacks that are no-no's in our house while on vacation! Aunt Emily introduced him to Twizzlers and boy did he love them!

One of my absolute favorite pictures! I'm not sure what was going on, but I'll venture to guess Grandpa Kim was doing something funny!

He was such a happy boy all week!

Karter trying to work the hose.

Grandma Terry and Karter bonded on vacation!

Grandpa singing to Karter.

Smooches for Grandpa!

One day Kristoffer, Kim, Kyler and Grandpa Bud went deep-sea fishing. Unfortunately, Kristoffer's big catch was 1-inch too short!

While they were fishing, the rest of us went to Beaufort. Karter enjoyed getting to spend time with his Great Grandma Lois.

My boys being silly on the stairs!

It rained our first full day at the beach, so all of us "kids" went to the Aquarium. We were able to use our zoo pass to get in free.

Karter and Mommy at the aquarium.

Karter and Daddy at the aquarium.

Vacation was Karter's first trip on an airplane. He loved to people watch while we were waiting to board our flight.

We eat very well while on vacation, and this is my favorite meal...crab legs!

Speaking of eating...Karter loves junk food! Here is is with a slice of pizza in one hand and a cookie in the other! He is the poster child for healthy eating.

How precious is this....Karter's little trunks hanging on the line!

Karter came home from vacation with a few new tricks. Here he is showing off just how smart he is!


Grandma T said...

What a fun time! And love the video...I'm sure he's learned a few more body parts since then. Can't wait to see you again on Thursday night! Love you all!

Kara said...

Karter didn't seem to mind that his double stuf oreos didn't have as much filling in them. He is too young to know how full they USED to be.

Joscelynn said...

Um, Dana, I'm not sure the picture of Kim "singing" to Karter comes across quite right. It almost looks like you accosted a stranger on the beach and put Karter in his lap. haha. Good thing it's followed up with the Grandpa and baby smooches. Love the pictures!