Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kaden's 1st Haircut

Kaden has always had such beautiful hair, and I have been dragging my feet about cutting it! I loved his long hair SO much, but on Sunday we decided that the time I had been dreading had arrived...Kaden's 1st haircut!

I tried just trimming it up, but he is a bit too squirmy for that. So I took out the clippers and started buzzing! Daddy was in charge of keeping him entertained...he ate a fruit strip and a couple cookies!

It was a little shocking to see the amount of hair that was coming off!

The back of the neck is always the trickiest part to cut, but he did great (and it's only a little crooked!)! He sat pretty good the whole time...and actually, he only cried when his food ran out (no surprise there!).

The end result is one cute little boy!!! It wasn't all about cutting Kaden's beautiful hair, I knew once he had short hair it would suddenly transform my baby into a little boy, and I wasn't sure I was ready for that! But I must admit, I do love his hair cut! However, it has definitely changed something in him, this week he has been acting super silly...and cute!!


Gramaw T said...

He's no longer a baby, but an ADORABLE little boy! And no one will call him "a cute little girl" any more! Shows off his big blue eyes even more than before.

Kara said...

Oh my goodness! He looks so much like Karter now!

Kyler said...

New look...same crazy Kado.

Kyler said...

New look...same crazy Kado!