Monday, February 28, 2011

Our New Favorite

We have a new family favorite show, Wonder Pets. It is a cute little show about a turtle (Tuck), a duck (Ming-Ming) and a hamster (Linny) that use teamwork to help save the day. Like all kids shows, it was pretty annoying at first, but then its catchy songs got stuck in our heads and we were all singing them around the house! Gramaw and Papaw found the show one night while they were watching the boys, and now it has become part of our nightly routine. It comes on at the perfect time, 6pm, right when someone is trying to make dinner and doesn't really need any help in the kitchen. Wonder Pets is the only show we like that we don't have on DVR, which makes it extra special!

After the first time he watched it, Karter was hooked! Every duck he sees is Ming-Ming, and he was pretty happy to find two Ming-Ming's in our house! For about a week now he has been insisting that we call him Linny. What he wants us to call him actually rotates based on what he is doing, but most consistently he is Linny.

The show is powerful!! It is the only show that both boys will actually sit and watch...together!! Karter was so cute this day, he really enjoyed holding Kaden and kept kissing on him.

Even Gramaw can't resist Wonder Pets!!
(Please excuse our living room, hurricane Karter and Kaden were in full force that day!)

At the end of every episode Linny takes a bit of celery and winks, so, since Karter is Linny, he had to have some celery too. I was pretty shocked when he asked for some, because he is one of the pickiest eaters I know...but he ate 3 pieces!

"Go Wonder Pets!"


Gramaw T said...

Gramaw's favorite show! (It may have something to do with the way it keeps the boys totally occupied for a whole half hour!) :)

Kyler said...

Anything that makes a kid want to eat celery (aside from ants on a log) must be worth watching.